Resource Efficiency


Are you confident that you are using your energy as efficiently as possible?

Do you want to save money by developing and implementing a plan to reduce your energy consumption?

You could make savings through zero-cost behaviour changes or investment in new technologies with a payback periods of two years or less. 

Envertis can help you to identify and implement energy saving behaviours and solutions, initially through an energy audit.

A typical audit format is as follows:

  • Agree scope and duration of audit.

  • Visit client facilities at an appropriate date.

  • Receive energy usage data, ideally for at least 3 years (copies of energy bills would be acceptable).

  • Interview appropriate staff to understand the organisation's objectives for energy saving, the facilities, usage profiles, energy sources, controls, building construction, behaviour etc.

  • Conduct a tour of the facilities to observe and measure key elements.

  • Research potential solutions for energy saving and on-site generation.

  • Prepare a report of opportunities with estimated costs, benefits and payback where possible.

  • Send the report to appropriate staff and arrange a review either face to face or by phone as desired by the client.

This process can be extended to include follow-up audits, support to implement energy-saving opportunities, guidance to implement additional utility monitoring systems (such as continuous monitoring and sub-metering), and ongoing analysis of energy consumption data.

We can also help you set up energy management systems in line with the ISO50001 standard.


Have you recently monitored your water usage?

Water is becoming a more expensive commodity.   Inexpensive new technologies and products can make substantial savings on your water bill.

The reliability of energy and water supplies will become an increasing risk to business continuity.  Envertis can conduct initial audits to review the current status, propose areas for further investigation and identify any quick wins.  To support clients in achieving carbon footprint reduction, Envertis can assist in sourcing utility management and monitoring systems to identify exactly where your energy and water is being used.

We can take the lead in identifying potential suppliers and managing the project through to completion if required.