Environmental Management Systems

Why should I implement an EMS?

Environmental management systems don’t have to be a cumbersome bureaucratic nightmare. They can be
readily integrated into existing management systems and are normally at least cost-neutral over the medium term. 

ISO14001:2015 has been issued and has some new requirements and different emphasis in places.  It is more SME-friendly.  

If you already have ISO14001 you will need to re-certify to the new standard by September 2018.  Don't wait until the last minute.

There are several benefits to be gained from implementing an EMS, with most applying to any business.

Cost saving – By analysing your energy, water and waste performance you can identify cost savings to make your  business more profitable.

Management of environmental risk and ensuring legal compliance – Implementing systems to reduce and control adverse incidents, reducing risk of prosecution and improving your insurance situation.

Marketing advantage – Publicising the achievement of a certified EMS can be a USP for some customers and a pre-requisite for entry into some markets such as many public sector contracts.

Improve employee engagement – Staff can get involved and be active in making improvements to their workplace and its impact on the surroundings. This can increase pride in the company and its products.

Improved external image – Achievement of any stage of an EMS can enhance the company’s image with neighbours, the wider community and regulators. Your company might benefit from having a better image with the local planning authority, potential investors and banks and with insurance companies where there might be a reduction in premiums.

Envertis can help you decide which approach to take and guide you through the process. The level of involvement can be tailored to your requirements, depending on the level of resource and time you wish to commit and any stage.