LITTLE big Music School

“The gift of music is perfect in everyone”

Mission: “Love Them and Lead Them”

The LITTLE big Music School focuses on two fundamental components:

Coaching - The school actively teaches and develops children, using unique but effective teaching methods, which ensures the music student is able to master the instrument and music at a rapid rate.

Performing - The school does the teaching in the context of a project, which results in public performances. This motivates the student and allows the LITTLE big Music School to achieve its purpose, which is to give all children the opportunity to express themselves through the wonderful gift of making music.


The founder and principal musician, Karl F. Ackerman, has a solid track record in the music arena.

Although Karl was exposed to music at an early age he first started studying music in 1983. The first six years of education was under teaching of Mr. Joey Moses, lecturer of music at UWC and Hewat College of Education, where he studied organ and piano.

In 1990 Karl continued his studies for his LTCL under the teaching of Dr. Barry Smith, professor at UCT and organist for the St George’s Cathedral. Karl successfully completed his LTCL and served as Director of Music at the St George’s Grammar School.

In 1994 Karl established a music academy, today known as the LITTLE big Music School.

Karl has also numerous other achievements in his career, these include:
  • School of Arts Music Festival in the City Hall of Cape Town (1998)
  • Orchestra conductor for the New Apostolic church (2000)
  • Developing the New Apostolic Church Brass band (2000)
  • Orchestra conductor for the NAC music festival; Standard Bank Arena (2000)
  • Developing the recorders and brass band at Loreto Convent (2002)
  • Student tutoring in all the wind instruments and the piano
  • Development of the first ever Children’s Brass Band in Pretoria, with a successful children’s music festival in the City Hall of Pretoria, including various primary schools such as Cornwall Hill College, Lynnwood Ridge Primary, St Paulus and Waterkloof Primary (2004)

Karl's music career spans some 32 years of which 21 years has been in the capacity of music teacher.

Our concept of LITTLE: Young children.
Our concept of big: The energy and enthusiasm of the children and the musical gift which they have.


♪ Creates an atmosphere of enjoyment
♪ Instils teamwork and values
♪ Develops the child's ability to perform as a soloist or in an ensemble
♪ Children enjoy being able to do things with their peers


Demos are presented at your school, usually during an assembly. This takes 15 – 20 minutes wherein the students are introduced to the various instruments that are performed by coaches; the project will also be explained to the children.

The Following are the instruments offered by the LITTLE big Music School:

Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Tenor Horn
Bass Guitar
Double Bass
Pipe Organ

Contact Details:

Cell: 064 546 3922