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We play folk tunes - compelling Celtic-influenced melodies, friendly old-time tunes, haunting Scandinavian songs - accented with influences from world music, swing, and popular tunes, all driven by a lively rhythmic flow. We specialize in playing for contradances, English country dance, and other community dances, and we're known for our tune arrangements that match the music to the figures of the dance, molding the dance energy and raising the dancers' spirits.

Entwyned is John Paolillo on mandolin-family instruments (including mandola, bouzouki, and mandocello) and Twy Bethard on fiddle, nyckelharpa, and keyboard. Audiences find our musical menagerie intriguing.

We're based in central Indiana and tour nationally. 

upcoming events
 July 7  Private Party
 July 12 English Country Dance in Indianapolis
 August 8 Contradance in Bloomington, IN
 August 9 English Country Dance in Indianapolis
 September 13 English Country Dance in Indianapolis
 September 29  Pagan Pride Day Dance in Indianapolis
 October 3 Lead Open Mic Contradance in Bloomington, IN
 October 5  Gallery Walk Performance in Bloomington, IN
 October 11 English Country Dance in Indianapolis
 November 2 Gallery Walk Performance in Bloomington, IN
 November 8 English Country Dance in Indianapolis
 November 21 Contradance in Bloomington, IN
 March 2 Market Performance in Bloomington, IN
 March 27 English Country Dance Ball in Bloomington, IN
 April 20  Contradance in Charleston, WV
 May 26 Wedding Dance in Indianapolis

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entwyned (at) gmail.com  - replace the " (at) " with "@"

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