Famous Entrepreneurs

Famous Entrepreneurs Research Project
Mastery Objective:  As a result of our time together in the Media Center, you will be able to search online databases, books and credible websites to find and apply information about a famous entrepreneur in order to complete your project, including writing a five-page research paper in proper MLA format.

ONLINE DATABASES & E-BOOKS (all usernames and passwords are: lenapehs1)

Gale - Biography in Context -

  • Enter name of entrepreneur in search box. (be sure to spell name correctly!)
  • Select the person you are researching from list of results
  • Maximize your browser window and scroll down page to see all forms of information
  • Find detailed biographies, links to websites and articles from newspapers, magazines & academic journals

eBooks - Reference books in digital format

  • Enter username - lenapehs1
  • Enter the name of your entrepreneur in the search box
  • This will find articles from our e-books (electronic reference books)
  • Click on title for full article.
EBSCOhost  (contains newspaper and magazine articles on every entrepreneur)
  • Click on Complete DB list
  • Select all databases and click "continue"
  • Check off "FULL TEXT" before you search
  • Search for your entrepreneur's name and/or the company for articles (different searches -- try a variety of searches)

Additional Databases
  • In search box, enter the name of person
  • Find: Articles, images, timelines, videos, biographies, maps, and primary sources.



A cart of books has been pulled for your class. 

You can also search our catalog (or ask Ms. Gaffney or Ms. Fauver) to help you find other books:

Lenape Online Catalog


Lenape Online Catalog -
Click on WEBPATH EXPRESS on the left to search for websites.  These will be credible and reliable sites.   


*Only use RELIABLE websites -- make sure you trust the author!
*Do not use Wikipedia
*Search in google for "official" websites or sites from reliable sources.

Authority - Is the author reliable and known? Is the author trustworthy and knowledgeable about the subject?
Accuracy - Is the information reliable and does someone check it?
Objectivity- Does page try to sway opinion? Is it free of bias?
Currency - When was page last updated? Is it dated?
Coverage - Does it provide in-depth material?

***Remember that many of our databases also give you links to credible websites about a particular person or subject too!
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