While Mentors can be for anything, this is designed for mentoring entrepreneurs! 

A mentor is an experienced business person willing to volunteer time, knowledge, talent, and resources to help new others advance their goals and ambitions. Mentee’s are those new business owners willing to challenge their own thoughts, accept different views and opinions, and come to their own conclusion based on the input. 

It is a “Think-Tank” environment.

Mentors volunteers in few ways, below is a sample, but not limited to the work done by the mentor group:

  • Join an entrepreneur's Advisory Business Council. The council will meet monthly as a strategic team of three to five mentors for one hour in person. Mentors serve on 2-3 Advisory Board Council. 
  • Consult local entrepreneurs (30-60 min block of time) in a session, also known as Jump-Start Session.  This is just an advise on walking bases.
  • Support short term assignments (projects) such as business plan review, business plan competition submission,etc.
Commitment: 2-4 Hours a month or as much time as you would like to give. 
Why Mentoring?
  1. Give back and make a difference in the community
  2. Help Entrepreneurs
  3. Learn, help, grow professionally, and share expertise

What Mentors Do?

  1. Motivate entrepreneur 
  2. Guide entrepreneurs
  3. Listen to entrepreneurs concerns 
  4. Act as a sounding board for the entrepreneur
  5. Use supportive and constructive language 
  6. Share personal experience 
  7. Refer entrepreneurs to other resources