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Multiple cats? Where? Arm & Hammer Multi-cat Litter Rocks

Tidy Cat Multi-cat was no longer tidy and had generated a dust storm with embedded pellet storms. Our master bath was coated with fine dust and rolling pebbles and the clumps weren't even holding. This preferred litter was letting me down and it was past time to make a change.  Arm & Hammer's Multi-Cat Strength Clumping Litter was being praised for super clumps but receiving negative comments because of dust.  It was time to find out the truth. 

I emptied and cleaned the upstairs and downstairs litter boxes. 

Cleaning included the interior and exterior.  One was filled to the standard three to four inches with multi-cat Tidy Cat, the other with Arm & Hammer's Multi-Cat Strength Clumping Litter

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reviews of books

If Your Dog Could Talk

By Dr. Bruce Fogle

In 1992 Dr. Bruce Fogle's book, Know Your Dog: An Owner's Guide to Dog Behavior, became a hit with many dog owners not only for phenomenal photographs and dog expressions but also for the text that succinctly helped us better understand our canine companions. This certainly clarified some of the body language controversy--it was also seriously entertaining. His 2006 book, If your dog could talk...A training guide for humans, is based on some of the material in the 1992 book. As a soon-to-be human parent of a new lab puppy my finding this now could not have been better timed. 

Chien, Canac, Ken, Kunano, K'uon, Dog

Every author of a dog book seems compelled to remind readers that dogs evolved from wolves, and that their genes have been modified over time to satisfy human needs. They are a long-term commitment.