"It's all about the numbers..."

AlterG - makers of the Anti-Gravity Treadmill
StreetStrider - outdoor elliptical bike
23 1/2 hours - the single best thing we can do for our health
The Hacker's Diet - dieting as an engineering problem
Quantified Self - self-tracking leaders
LoseIt - meal tracking 
Fitbit - activity trackers
Withings - makers of connected health monitors
TrendWeight - automated weight tracking in the style of The Hacker's Diet
Lumoback - wireless posture monitor
Nike+ Fuelband - activity tracker
Striiv - smart pedometer
Jawbone UP - activity tracker
Instant Heart Rate - clever heart rate measurment app
Philips Vital Signs - app to measure respiration and heart rate visually
RealAge - health assessment
23 and me - personal genome service
Microsoft Health Vault - health data repository
Retrofit - weight loss program
Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize - medicine meets sci-fi
Basis - advance health monitor watch
Medstartr - medical crowd funding
amiigo - advanced movement monitor
Munzee - location-based game
Geocaching - location-based game
Kiva - worldwide micro-loans
Kickstarter - original crowd funding platform
Pebble - E-paper watch
If this, then that - connecting apps
One second everyday - video app