2. practice areas



The Firm is specialized in providing legal services to companies and individuals.


In carrying out its legal advisory activities, the Firm's philosophy is always to adapt itself to the characteristics, location and clients needs.


Although the main speciality of the Firm is Commercial, Civil and Administrative Law, its philosophy and goal is to provide to its clients a global legal advice service, counting for that purposes, as the case may be, on the close collaboration of other professional and specialized Legal Firms in other fields.


In the commercial field, the Firm has got a large experience and recognized expertise in providing legal advise services to companies, both in general advisory and in corporate maters, such us merge and acquisition, among others.


A Tax advice services has also a prominent place among the Firm activities.


Besides the foregoing, the Firm has got a tem of professionals ready to provide legal advice services in other fields, such us Civil, Criminal, Administrative and Labour Procedure.


In order to provide a better service to their clients, the Firm has also got a Department for legal advice in the fields of management, accounting, and administrative and tax advisory.