Rules and conditions

1. Two groups will be created. Each group containing approximately 25 couples. The first group will carry out the challenge from 21:00 to 22:00 pm and the second group will start the challenge at 22:15 to 23:15 pm. The best couples will have a final challenge stage starting at 23:30 (lasting around 45 minutes)
2. Couples are asked to dance continuously until the break
3. During each block judges will constantly asses the couples based on the following criteria:
1. Tenacity (30%): The enthusiasm displayed while dancing during the challenge
2. Technique (15%): The level of skill and expertise displayed while dancing
3. Couple cohesion / harmony (20%): The synchronization between the  couple
4. Stamina (20%): the ability to dance energetically without stopping
5. Charisma (15%):  Refers of how well the couples can improvise their dance style in different music styles. 
4. Most of the music play during the challenge will be from Latin America (salsa, cumbia, vallenato, bachata, reggaeton, etc). Nonetheless, the music is not exclusively Latin and other genres will also be played.
5. The judges will proceed to eliminate the worst performing couples. The elimination consists of retiring the couple number. Couples that are eliminated (using the criteria listed above) are encouraged to continue in the event. Nonetheless, they will be located in a different area on the dance floor.
6. Judges will monitor the couples continuously during the event to assign them points in each one of the criteria listed above
7. During the dancing blocks couples are allowed to request water or towels if needed
8. During the dancing blocks an animator or professional dancer may step in to guide the couples to dance choreographically.
9. Changes of couples are not allowed during the competition
10. Couples that have been eliminated from the challenge should not distract or mix with the couples still on the challenge.