A free software to manage enrollments.

Copyrigt Massimo Nardello, Modena (Italy) 2012.

What is Enrollix?

Enrollix is a free software for GNU/Linux, Windows and OS X useful to manage enrollments of people to associations, communities, groups, classes, teams, magazines and events like meetings, parties, etc.

The software allows to collect detailed personal data of members and of their enrollments with a possible fee, to select them according to any kind of filter and to produce a small balance of the revenues, which can be saved in a CSV (comma separated value) file; this file can be opened with a spreadsheet like Calc or Excel. Furthermore, it is possible to prepare different models of certificates (like a receipt or a certificate of membership) within the software and then print them with the data of any member, also with a possible progressive number (like protocol) within it. The software allows also to print labels of addresses or lists of payments of the selected (filtered) members; likewise, it is possible to save their postal addresses or all their personal data in a CSV file, or copy in the clipboard their emails to paste them in the recipient field of a new email.

The personal data of each member may contain a picture, which is saved in a directory with the same name and path of the file in use. This directory is managed by the software, so it is created when the first picture is added and is deleted if every picture is removed.

Finally, it is possible to export selected members from the file in use to another file of Enrollix, or import all the members from it. Each member and his or her enrollments are internally identified by a unique mark (a UID number). Thanks to this, if member data are exported to another file in which they are already present, no doubles entries are created, but just the existing data are changed. The same happens when data are imported.

Enrollix is a cross-platform and multi-language software. When a file created or modified on a platform is opened within another platform, the characters of the line breaks in the long text fields are automatically converted so that they can be correctly shown. Likewise, when a user opens a file which was created or used in a system with a different decimal separator of currency of the one in use (a dot or a comma), all the separators are automatically converted.

A file of Enrollix is a database of SQLite (www.sqlite.org), a popular software whose data can be easily read and exported through different tools available on the Internet. The version of SQLite used by Enrollix is 3.7.2-1 or following, but it should work also with previous version major or equal to 3.

Enrollix has been developed with Lazarus (www.lazarus.freepascal.org). It has been developed on Ubuntu 12.04 and compiled for GNU/Linux with Gnome, Windows and OS X (with Carbon libraries).

Enrollix is free software and is released under the GPL license version 3 (www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt).


These are few screenshots of the current version of Enrollix running on Ubuntu 12.04 with sample fictional data. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.



In the Reviews page are reported the online reviews to the software.

Wish list

In the Wish list page are reported all the requested functionalities that will be implemented in Enrollix.

Bugs report

In the Bugs report page are reported all the known bugs which have not been fixed in the last version.Download
The latest release is the 0.1.0 and has been released on July 13 2012. 
Download Enrollix 0.1.0 for Gnu/Linux, Windows and OS X from the Download section (standard installation package for OS X is upcoming).

Certifications and awards

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