The Jyväskylä Geometry Seminar

The Jyväskylä Geometry seminar is on Mondays afternoons in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
The meeting is usually from 14.15 to 16.00 in room
MaD 380 (or room MaD 381 or MaD 355)


  Archive of Past Seminars    .

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title Time Location
24-Sep-2012 (Mon) Petri Kokkonen
(Paris Sud)
Rolling manifolds model and its controllability 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
01-Oct-2012 (Mon) Alessandro Ottazzi
Isometries of Carnot groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
08-Oct-2012 (Mon) Alessandra Iozzi
Rigidity of actions on CAT(0) cube complexes 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
15-Oct-2012 (Mon) Subhojoy Gupta
Complex projective structures and dynamics in moduli space 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
22-Oct-2012 (Mon)
No meeting this week

29-Oct-2012 (Mon) Davide Barilari
Curvature in sub-Riemannian geometry 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
5-Nov-2012 (Mon) Urs Lang
From tree reconstruction to geometric models of hyperbolic groups
14:15-16:00 MaD 380
(new room!)
12-Nov-2012 (Mon) Davide Vittone
Some new results on sub-Riemannian geodesics in stratified groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
19-Nov-2012 (Mon) John Mackay
Quasi-arcs and quasi-circles 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
26-Nov-2012 (Mon) Matias Dahl
Classification results for electromagnetic medium tensors 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
03-Dec-2012 (Mon) Camille Petit
Rectifiability, singular integrals and traveling salesman problem in the Heisenberg group 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
10-Dec-2012 (Mon) Jasun Gong
On the Lip-lip condition on doubling metric spaces 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
17-Dec-2012 (Mon) Valentino Magnani
On the sub-Riemannian measure of submanifolds 14:15-16:00 MaD 380

Winter 2013

Date Speaker Title Time Location
14-Jan-2013 (Mon) Kirsi Peltonen
Quasiregular maps and conductivity in the Heisenberg group 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
21-Jan-2013 (Mon) Gabriel Paternain (Cambridge) Spectral rigidity and invariant distributions on Anosov surfaces 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
28-Jan-2013 (Mon) Katrin Fässler
Dimension estimates for special restricted families of orthogonal projections 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
04-Feb-2013 (Mon) Enrico Le Donne
Growth rate of nilpotent groups, subFinsler geometry, and abnormal geodesics 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
11-Feb-2013 (Mon) Luca Capogna
(Arkansas / Minnesota)
Uniform Gaussian estimates for subelliptic heat kernels and applications
14:15-16:00 MaD 380
18-Feb-2013 (Mon) Frédéric Paulin
Counting common perpendicular arcs in negative curvature 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
25-Feb-2013 (Mon) Raul Serapioni
Lipschitz Graphs in Carnot groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
04-Mar-2013 (Mon)
no more meetings for this semester    

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title Time Location
30-Sep-2013 (Mon) Tony Liimatainen 
n-harmonic coordinates with applications to ellipticity and regularity in conformal geometry 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
07-Oct-2013 (Mon) Severine Rigot 
Isodiametric problem in Carnot groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
14-Oct-2013 (Mon) Tapio Rajala
Failure of local-to-global property for CD(K,N) 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
21-Oct-2013 (Mon) Juhani Koivisto (Helsinki) A generalization of Kazhdan's property (T) and cohomological vanishing for uniformly bounded representations 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
28-Oct-2013 (Mon) Björn Ivarsson
The effective version of Gromov's Vaserstein problem
14:15-16:00 MaD 355
04-Nov-2013 (Mon) Yashar Memarian
The Gaussian Correlation Conjecture Proof 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
11-Nov-2013 (Mon) Pertti Mattila
Removable  sets of Lipschitz harmonic functions in Heisenberg groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 259 (different room)
18-Nov-2013 (Mon) Irina Markina

Geodesic equations on sub-Riemannian infinite-dimensional manifolds

14:15-16:00 MaD 355
25-Nov-2013 (Mon) Rami Luisto 
Rigidity of extremal quasiregular-elliptic manifolds 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
02-Dec-2013 (Mon) Jouni Parkkonen 
Counting orbit points in conjugacy classes 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
09-Dec-2013 (Mon) Enrico Le Donne 
Some criteria for quasiconformal distinction 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
16-Dec-2013 (Mon)


Winter 2014

Date Speaker Title Time Location
20-Jan-2014 (Mon) Mario Sigalotti
Almost-Riemannian geometry on 2D manifolds 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
27-Jan-2014 (Mon) Ugo Boscain
The Laplace-Beltrami operator in 2D-almost-Riemannian geometry 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
03-Feb-2014 (Mon) Ilkka Holopainen
Asymptotic Dirichlet problem for a class of elliptic PDEs on Cartan-Hadamard manifolds 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
10-Feb-2014 (Mon) Tullia Dymarz
Quasisymmetric vs BiLipschitz maps 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
17-Feb-2014 (Mon) Xiangdong Xie
(Bowling Green)
Rigidity of quasiconformal maps between Carnot groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
24-Feb-2014 (Mon) Marco Abate
Carleson measures and Toeplitz operators in strongly pseudoconvex domains 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
03-Mar-2014 (Mon) Break No meeting this week

10-Mar-2014 (Mon) Break No meeting this week

17-Mar-2014 (Mon) Mikko Salo
Geometric Beurling transforms 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
(new room!)
24-Mar-2014 (Mon) Kyle Kinneberg  
(Los Angeles)
Recognizing snowflakes and an application to hyperbolic groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
31-Mar-2014 (Mon) Enrico Le Donne 
An introduction to subRiemannian perimeter 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
07-Apr-2014 (Mon) Cancelled No meeting this week

14-Apr-2014 (Mon) Easter No meeting this week

22-Apr-2014 (Tue) Mircea Petrache
Weak bundles and combinatorial regularity for supercritical Yang-Mills theory 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
28-Apr-2014 (Mon) Xiangyu Liang
Plateau’s problem, Minimal sets and Classification of singularities 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
05-May-2014 (Mon) Luca Capogna 
Smoothness of isometries between subRiemannian manifolds 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
12-May-2014 (Mon) Gian Paolo Leonardi 
The Cheeger problem: an overview 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
19-May-2014 (Mon) cancelled *
14:15-16:00 MaD 380
26-May-2014 (Mon) Severine Rigot

14:15-16:00 MaD 380
02-Jun-2014 (Mon)

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title Time Location
01-Sep-2014 (Mon) Vyron Vellis
Bilipschitz embeddings of the generalized Grushin plane 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
08-Sep-2014 (Mon)
No meeting this week

15-Sep-2014 (Mon) Teri Soultanis
Homotopies of Newtonian maps between metric spaces 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
(different room!)
22-Sep-2014 (Mon) Tomas Soto
Triebel-Lizorkin spaces via hyperbolic fillings 14:15-16:00 MaD 355
(different room!)
29-Sep-2014 (Mon)
No meeting this week

06-Oct-2014 (Mon) Eero Saksman
Sobolev spaces via hyperbolic fillings 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
13-Oct-2014 (Mon)
No meeting this week

20-Oct-2014 (Mon) Francesco Serra Cassano
Intrinsic C^1 and Lipschitz graphs in the Heisenberg group and continuous solutions of balance laws 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
27-Oct-2014 (Mon)
No meetings for 4 weeks
24-Nov-2014 (Mon) Viveca Erlandsson Counting self-intersecting multicurves 14:15-16:00 MaD 380

Winter 2015

Date Speaker Title Time Location
13-Jan-2015 (Tue) 12.15-14.15 different time!
(also different week day!)
Annalisa Massaccesi 
Frobenius property for integral currents and decomposition of normal currents
MaD 381
different room!
19-Jan-2015 (Mon) Erlend Grong 
Second order operators on manifolds, sub-Riemannian geometry and curvature
MaD 380
26-Jan-2015 (Mon) Riikka Kangaslampi
Surface subgroups of groups acting on hyperbolic buildings
MaD 380
02-Feb-2015 (Mon) Sebastiano Nicolussi Golo
Regularity of spheres in metric groups
MaD 380
09-Feb-2015 (Mon) Matthew Badger
Rectifiable measures without absolute continuity
MaD 380
16-Feb-2015 (Mon) Daniel Meyer
Introduction to self-similar groups and intermediate growth
MaD 380
23-Feb-2015 (Mon) Severine Rigot
Remarks about the Besicovitch covering property in Carnot groups of step 3 and higher
MaD 380
02-Mar-2015 (Mon) Andrea Pinamonti postponed
MaD 380
09-Mar-2015 (Mon) Andrea Schioppa  
Vector fields on metric measure spaces, and 1-rectifiable structure
MaD 380
16-Mar-2015 (Mon) Gareth Speight 
(SNS Pisa)
Differentiability of Lipschitz Functions and Curves in Carnot Groups
MaD 380
23-Mar-2015 (Mon) Sean Li
Characterizations of rectifiable metric measure spaces
MaD 380
31-Mar-2015 (Tue) Roberto Monti  
MaD 380
06-Apr-2015 (Mon) Easter Monday

13-Apr-2015 (Mon) Lars Louder
Wise's w-cycle conjecture and homological coherence for one-relator groups
MaD 380
20-Apr-2015 (Mon) Andrea Pinamonti
(SNS Pisa)
BV Minimizers of the area functional in the Heisenberg group under the bounded slope condition 
MaD 380

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title Time Location
08-Sep-2015 (Tue)
different week day!
Kyle Kinneberg
Conformal dimension of boundaries of John domains
MaD 381
14-Sep-2015 (Mon) Sean Li
BiLipschitz decomposition of Lipschitz functions
MaD 380
21-Sep-2015 (Mon) Teemu Saksala
Determination of a Riemannian manifold from the distance difference functions
MaD 380
28-Sep-2015 (Mon) Michela Egidi 
The Lifted Pestov Identity and its dynamical application
MaD 380
05-Oct-2015 (Mon) Mikhail Hlushchanka
On dynamics of expanding Thurston maps: from invariant graphs to algebra and back
MaD 380

19-Oct-2015 (Mon) David Radnell 
Weil-Petersson class Teichmuller space
MaD 380
02-Nov-2015 (Mon) Rami Luisto
A characterization result for BLD-mappings and applications

MaD 380
23-Nov-2015 (Mon) Martina Aaltonen
Abelian points of branched covers
MaD 380

Winter 2016

Date Speaker Title Time Location
18-Jan-2016 (Mon) Esko Heinonen 
Minimal graph equation and the asymptotic Dirichlet problem 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
25-Jan-2016 (Mon)

Erik Walsberg


Isometric embeddings of snowflakes 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
01-Feb-2016 (Mon)

Anton Lukyanenko


Carnot vs Siegel: Diophantine approximation in the Heisenberg group 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
08-Feb-2016 (Mon) Ben Warhurst 
Prime ends in the Heisenberg group 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
15-Feb-2016 (Mon) Break No meeting this week 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
22-Feb-2016 (Mon) Francesco Boarotto
Variational Methods in Sub-Riemannian Geometry 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
01-Mar-2016 (Tue) Sebastiano Nicolussi Golo
A stability result for nonminimal surfaces in the Heisenberg group 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
07-Mar-2016 (Mon) Luca Rizzi
The geodesic dimension of metric measure spaces and applications to Carnot groups 
14:15-16:00 MaD 381
14-Mar-2016 (Mon) Juhani Koivisto 
Amenability of metric measure spaces 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
21-Mar-2016 (Mon) Break No meeting this week

28-Mar-2016 (Mon) Easter No meeting this week

04-Apr-2016 (Mon) Roger Züst
Partial regularity of almost minimizing rectifiable G chains in Hilbert space 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
11-Apr-2016 (Mon) Woocheol Choi
Pseudo-differential calculus on equi-regular Carnot manifolds 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
18-Apr-2016 (Mon) Alessio Martini 
Sub-elliptic operators and sharp multiplier theorems 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
25-Apr-2016 (Mon) Ville Kivioja
Affine decomposition of isometries in nilpotent Lie groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
03-May-2016 (Tue)
different week day!
Eero Hakavuori
Non-minimality of corners in subriemannian geometry  14:15-16:00 MaD 380
10-May-2016 (Tue)
different week day!
Carlo Mantegazza
Evolution by curvature of networks in the plane 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
16-May-2016 (Mon) Antonio Lerario
Topology of nonholonomic path-spaces 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
23-May-2016 (Mon) Pekka Pankka
Free vs. Locally Free Kleinian Groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
30-May-2016 (Mon) Break No more meetings for this semester

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title Time Location
19-Sep-2016 (Mon) Inverse problem members (Jyväskylä) Short talks on geometric inverse problems 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
26-Sep-2016 (Mon)

Katrin Fässler  


Quantitative rectifiability in the Heisenberg group 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
03-Oct-2016 (Mon)

No meeting this week    
10-Oct-2016 (Mon)

Ville Kivioja

Groups isometric to nilpotent groups 14:15-15:15 MaD 380
17-Oct-2016 (Mon) Eva Kopfer
Synthetic notions of super-Ricci flow 14:15-15:15 MaD 380
24-Oct-2016 (Mon) David Bate
Differentiability and Poincare-type inequalties in metric measure spaces 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
31-Oct-2016 (Mon) Valerio Gianella
The growth of groups and the behaviour of geodesics in finitely generated nilpotent groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
07-Nov-2016 (Mon) Ville Salo
Automorphism groups of subshifts 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
14-Nov-2016 (Mon) Francesco Boarotto
Conformal equivalence of sub-Riemannian 3D contact structures on Lie groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
21-Nov-2016 (Mon) Stefan Wenger
Isoperimetric characterization of non-positive curvature 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
28-Nov-2016 (Mon) Y. Sachkov & A. Ardentov
(Pereslavl, Russia)
Sub-Riemannian geometry and its applications 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
05-Dec-2016 (Mon) Sean Holman 
Stability of the geodesic ray transform in the presence of caustics 14:15-15:00 MaD 380
12-Dec-2016 (Mon) Ana Lucia Garcia Pulido  On the geometry of almost even-Clifford manifolds 14:15-15:00 MaD 380
19-Dec-2016 (Mon) Break No more meetings for this semester

Winter 2017

Date Speaker Title Time Location
30-Jan-2017 (Mon) Jesus Jaramillo
Smooth surjections and surjective restrictions 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
06-Feb-2017 (Mon) No meeting this week

13-Feb-2017 (Mon)

No meeting this week

20-Feb-2017 (Mon) Nicolas Juillet
Pliability, or the Whitney extension theorem for curves in Carnot groups 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
27-Feb-2017 (Mon) Michael Jablonski
When does a manifold have a best shape?  14:15-16:00 MaD 380
06-Mar-2017 (Mon)
No meeting this week    
13-Mar-2017 (Mon) Guy C David
(New York)
Differentiability and rectifiability on metric planes 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
20-Mar-2017 (Mon) Carolina Biolo 
Switching in time-optimal problem with co-dimension 1 control 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
27-Mar-2017 (Mon) Manuel Ritoré
Large isoperimetric regions in the product of a compact manifold with Euclidean space 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
03-Apr-2017 (Mon) Marco Caroccia
(Carnegie Mellon)
Non-local quantities and their application 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
10-Apr-2017 (Mon) Davide Vittone
On the Sard problem for Carnot groups of step 2 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
18-Apr-2017 (Tue)
different week day!
Mario Bonk 
(Los Angeles)
Rigidity theorems in geometry and dynamics 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
24-Apr-2017 (Mon) Jeff Lindquist
(Los Angeles)
Weak capacity and modulus comparability 14:15-16:00 MaD 380
02-May-2017 (Tue)
different week day!
Sebastiano Don
Fine properties of BV functions in Carnot-Carathéodory spaces 14:15-15:15 MaD 380
08-May-2017 (Mon) Angela Wu
(Los Angeles)
Solenoid and Expanding Thurston Maps 14:15-15:15 MaD 380
15-May-2017 (Mon)) Eden Prywes
(Los Angeles)
Quasiregular Ellipticity an the Rickman-Picard Theorem 14:15-15:15 MaD 380
22-May-2017 (Mon) Luca Capogna
Conformal equivalence of  visual metrics in pseudoconvex domains 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
different room
29-May-2017 (Mon) Mircea Petrache
Three types of vortices and the corresponding notions of optimal transport 14:15-16:00 MaD 381
different room
05-Jun-2017 (Mon) Break No more meetings for this semester