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Save Energy on the Road

To help reduce the amount of fuels used by cars on the road everyone should aim to use public transport, car-pool, ride a bicycle, walk, or any other form of low or no energy transportation. It is much better for your health to do some physical exercise and you feel better for it.

Driving less will help reduce fuel emission, and bring down the levels of pollution and smog in large cities.

Many car manufacturers offer eco-friendly cars which run on either electricity, or petrol and electricity - a hybrid car. You can also buy additives for engines which help reduce fuel consumption.

Bicycles have changed over the times. You can now purchase bicycles to carry multiple passengers, or add-on carriers. Talk to a bike seller to find the best bike for you or your family.

Skateboards, skates and rollerblades are great fun and take you where you need to go. No energy is used except your own, so it is great for the environment and great for your health.

Click on the links to take you to suppliers of energy saving devices for your car, or other low or no-energy modes to keep you on or off the road. It is up to you and I to take action now to reduce energy consumption for our future. Find out where you can save energy today.