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Changing Human Security: Recovery after armed conflict in Northern Uganda 

After more than 20 years of war, peace is returning to Northern Uganda (NU). Gulu University (GU), established in 2002 as part of a strategy for peace and sustainable development in the North, advances a commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to development issues, drawing on ‘the best elements from interrelated and complementary disciplines’.
In Sep 2008, the Danish Agency for International Development (DANIDA) approved a 4-yr Enhancement of Research Capacity grant of DKK 9.917.649 for a project titled: Changing Human Security: Recovery from Armed Conflict in Northern Uganda (2009-2012).
The project aims to strengthen the capacity of GU to play a useful role in stabilisation and recovery efforts in NU through inter-disciplinary academic and policy oriented contributions to understanding human security transformations and dynamics. 

The ENRECA Gulu project, implemented at GU in NU, is a joint partnership between between the danish universities of South Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus, and Gulu University.

The Danish science portal videnskab.dk has published an article concerning the project. Read here (in Danish).
    Photo taken in area of IDP return (Awach, Gulu District. July, 2010)