10th December 2013.
Northumbria is a fictional track in an English environment. I'm not used to make fictional tracks and actually the layout had been originally based on a real location, for an entirely different project. For some reasons I abandoned that project and later on I decided to recover at least the part of the road that was already modelled.
Being fictional, this time I've had the freedom to produce both a gravel and a tarmac version.

Some stats on the track:

3D model
410 Megabytes file (for comparison, Loch Ard 3D file is 260 Megabytes)

2100000 faces, or 4000000 vertices (for comparison, Loch Ard has 1300000 faces, or 1600000 vertices)
59 Megabytes of textures.
Lenght: 9Km
16468 tree and bush collision instances in Wallaby.

Some screens of the two versions:

Track license for Northumbria 1.1:
The track (Northumbria 1.1 comprises both a gravel and a tarmac version) is provided "as is". I'm not responsible for any damage or loss of data that can be due to the use of these files.
The track cannot be modified or redistributed. The only allowed way of redistribution is through the updaters or track packages of the known official RBR online mods (RBR-World, RSRBR, CZ Plugin, Hungarian Plugin, RealRally).
Any part of the track, including textures, cannot be used for other projects.
More specifically, surface modification into snow is not allowed, i.e. the .mat file cannot be modified.
Only pacenotes can be modified, by use of the known tools, e.g. The Beast tool by Workerbee. However, modification of start line, finish line and intermediates is not allowed, to create for instance shorter versions or hillclimb versions. As a consequence, only the dls file can be modified and redistributed, as far as pacenotes are concerned.
The track can be used in the known official RBR online mods (RBR-World, RSRBR, CZ Plugin, Hungarian Plugin, RealRally), both in offline and online mode, provided the credits and this track license are mentioned on the relevant websites/forums. The credits and track license must be visible at least on the first installation of the track. A system to accept the license before installation should be provided.
In no way the track can be used for commercial purposes.

3D model, Wallaby editing, textures and texture editing, pacenotes: Eno72
RBR tools: Wally

Date of release of version 1.0: 24th December, 2013
Date of release of version 1.1: 1st February, 2014


v1.1: fixed secondary road textures in damp conditions, improved pacenotes, improved performance in the middle portion of the track. However, high detail in RBR must still be used to correctly display road and terrain.
Added "quasi-night" conditions by Rally Guru in the weather settings (norain_clear). Use these settings as a non-demanding alternative to the night plugin.

Please read further info and follow the instructions found in the track license text files within the archive.