Stone Soup Tiles


You can download the latest version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup with tile support from the Stone Soup SourceForge page.

Take a look at init.txt before you start. Under the tile options section, there are a few suggested options that you may want to enable, namely show_beam=true and classic_item_colours=true.

Like previous tile versions, you can hit '-' (hyphen) to go to the doll editing screen where you can customize what your player looks like if you don't like the defaults of displaying what the character has equipped. The numpad can be used, but numlock should not be on.

You can resize the screen in-game by hitting CTRL+Q.

Stone Soup 0.5 (the future!)

0.4 is still in development, but I wanted to share some of the progress that has been made towards an SDL version of tiles that will be merged back into trunk after 0.4 has been released.  It runs on all of Crawl's platforms (hi, native OSX support!) and will enable a lot more interesting UI and graphics improvements.

Click the picture to see the improved minimap (with view box, instead of hard to follow hash marks), monster names, and a smarter on-screen inventory.

Also, now supporting Eee PC resolutions:


Stone Soup 0.4

(Thanks to Denzi for all of the new art.)

Better deck graphics:

New dungeon graphics:

  • Pan
  • Abyss
  • Ecumenical Temple
  • Shoals
  • Lugonu's corruption ability

Stone Soup 0.3

Mutations (in order: claws, horns 1, horns 2, horns 3, hooves).


New Monster Tiles

Beam Path


A long time ago, a roguelike called Linley's Dungeon Crawl had tile support via an unofficial patch. Because tiles were not part of the official distribution, they were not carried with it when branching Stone Soup. At this point however, there have been several efforts at tiles for Stone Soup. One is by the Something Awful goon Organic Lint (based on the unofficial vanilla DC patch) and the other is by Mitsuhiro Itakura (a rewrite of that patch), both for Stone Soup version 0.1.7. Mitsuhiro was said to be working on updating his code to a newer version of Stone Soup, but it had been months and I'm too impatient to wait any longer.

In addition, all of the above versions used a tileset that was based on Mitushiro Itakura's rltiles project. Unfortunately, its project page's code is both broken and out of date (even for the original tile patch.)

This effort is based on Mitsuhiro Itakura's code, some of his new tiles, an updated rltiles distribution, and the stab brands from Organic Lint. It took all of that and updated them to run against Stone Soup's current trunk with some new features.