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What is Zen?

What is Zen? The initial Sanskrit word is Dhyan. The greatness of Buddha is that he spoke to the common masses in their native language. He spoke in Pali. The corresponding word for Dhyan in Pali is Jhyan. This word then traveled to China and became Chan. This then traveled to Japan and became Zen. 

What is Dhyan? It is just being ordinary again. It is just being a child again. Just look at the child? The child has the greatest gift of God. That he knows how to be playful and be joyous with oneself. Just watch the child. He does not need anybody to be happy. And by and by this playful attitude of the child is destroyed by the society. 

The society - parents, teachers, synagogues, etc. program the mind of the child with such ideas as sacred and non-sacred. They fill their innocent minds with concepts like virtuous and non-virtuous. For example, in an Indian family a male child is not supposed to work in a kitchen. And a female child is supposed to work only in the kitchen. Like this there can be many examples. This is how the minds are programmed. 

Dhyan simply means to reclaim this lost treasure again. The whole existence is divine. Therefore, in the existence there is nothing like an ordinary act and an extraordinary act. Every act of an individual has to be divine and sacred. The Karma has to become the Dharma. The Karmakshetra has to become the Dharmakshetra. The Kurukshetra has to be the Dharmakshetra. The doing has to be divine. The work has to be the worship. The workplace has to be the worship-place. 

Why all the stress? We have divided all our actions. We have divided our minds. We have created these different pockets of actions – Home, Workplace, Business, Parliament, Temple, Ashram, etc. The individual actions and the quality of those actions in these pockets are totally different. And the stress levels of all individuals in these zones are also different. 

There are some Gurus who are telling the youngsters to leave everything in life and come to their Ashrams. Just see the sad thing of life. All the real challenges of life are in the thick of the world. And these fake Gurus are telling the people that all Sansara is a misery and Sanyas is the only scared thing. But this is not the truth. The reality is something different. Sansara means conditioning, and Sanyas means removing the conditioning. Sansara means programming and Sanyas meas deprogramming. Sansara means winding and Sanyas means unwinding. A conditioned life is a life of misery. A programmed life is a life of stress and strain.

This is how our whole consciousness is divided by these idiots. 

Zen is that miracle. Zen means attaining that freedom again. Zen means attaining that oneness again. To me, Zen means Zeal, Enlightenment, and Nirvana. Zeal is that energy that God has given us all. The only thing is that this energy is divided. The only thing is that this energy is not rightly channelized. Zeal is that beginning. And Enlightenment is a mid-way. Enlightenment is an art of attaining an equanimity in all walks of life. There is nothing like renunciation. The only thing that we need to give-up is our ego and ignorance. And with this awareness and enlightenment we can now move in the territory of God which is endless. This is what is called Nirvana. There is a mid-way called Enlightenment. And with this Zeal and Enlightenment we can now move into the beyond. Nirvana means that now the Zeal is filled with Enlightenment and the journey of life and actions become boundless. The mundane becomes divine and the divine becomes mundane. 

Now everything becomes sacred and divine. Even the smallest acts of life become sacred and divine. All the activities of life: drinking tea, eating food, taking a nap, mopping the floor, chopping the wood, watering the plants, working in the kitchen, working in the office, etc. will become divine and sacred. All this is the result of Zen.