Body, Mind, and Soul

The outer is a reflection of the inner. If our outer is a reflection, then our inner is a reality. Our body is a reflection of our soul. If our body is a reflection, then our soul is a reality. If our soul is an essence, then our body is an effect. Our mind is composed of two spheres, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left mind says No and is an atheist. And the right mind says Yes and is a theist. The right mind is active and the left mind is passive. The right mind is objective and the left mind is subjective. The right mind is masculine (Shiva, Yang) in nature and the left mind is feminine (Shakti, Yin) in nature. These two minds are joined somewhere. And this union is a great mystery. The meeting point and unification of these two minds is a great mystery and miracle to the neuroscientists, neurobiologists, and neuropsychologists. If we represent the right mind say by +1 (plus one) and the left mind say by -1 (minus one), then the union of the two results into a number zero or Shunya

And this state of Shunya is a state of No-Mind. This state is called Samadhi or Transcendence. No-Mind does not mean absence of mind, but it means beyond mind or transcendence of mind. Transcendence simply means now there is no duality. It means going beyond the state of Dvaita (Duality) and reaching into a state of Advaita (Non-Duality). This is our soul and this is our reality. So the whole journey is to move from relativity to reality, and duality to non-duality. Relativity means duality and non-relativity means transcendence. Transcendence simply means that now there are no divisions. The witnessing consciousness has no divisions.

Active and passive minds are partial minds and partial realities. They are parts of our total mind. The objective mind is a part of our total mind or No-Mind. The objective mind can at the most lead us to the objective reality. The subjective mind is also a part of our total mind or No-Mind. And the subjective mind can at the most lead us to the subjective reality. The No-Mind is a part of our Soul, and the Soul is only a part of the Absolute. The absolute simply means that now there are no more divisions. It is the experience of a Spiritual Singularity. It is just like how a dew drop slips into an ocean, loses all its separate identity, and becomes one with the ocean. It is in this state, the sages of the Vedas and Upanishads proclaimed, Aham Brahmasmi.

According to the neurologists there is nothing called the mind. And according to them there is something called the brain. According to the psychologists there is something called the mind. And according to the mystics and Buddhas the mind is only in transition to the no-mind. The no-mind is like a bridge between the mind and the soul. The mind is nothing but a collection of ideas and concepts. It is just a collection of the memory of the past and the present. And only an open mind can lead us to a no-mind. Only an unprejudiced mind can lead us to the no-mind. Only an unbiased mind can lead us to the no-mind. The brain can not be defined in detail. As of now we have a very little knowledge of the working of the brain. Stephen Hawking gives an idea of the brain in his book, A Brief History of Time. He takes the example of a superconducting loop of a wire. If the current flows through this wire, it will continue to flow because there is no resistance. And on the other hand, if no current flows through this wire, the loop will continue without the current. We can label these two states as one with current and the other as without current. We can label these two states as One” and Zero.

There is nothing that really dies, neither the Body nor the Soul !!

There is nothing that really dies. We can not even kill or destroy an electron. The body dies is only a wrong perspective. Everything is getting transformed and nothing is getting destroyed. Every electron is in the process of attaining to Enlightenment. Every string is in the process of moving to Supreme Consciousness. All power is for a prayer. All energy is for enlightenment. All desire is to move towards divinity. And from the body to the being we are in transition. 

Just take a small example of a computer. The computer is composed of two major components - hardware and software. And this computer is connected to a big computer called the Server. If the client is a small computer then the server is a big computer. And all this has come out of nothing. There was a time when there was no computer. And everything is continuously changing. The hardware is changing and the software is also changing. And both are changing for each other. New software can not work on an old hardware. And a new hardware is of no use for an old software. They both are changing. They both are together. They are inseparable. They are intertwined. They both together make the computer. 

Our individual being is like the computer. The hardware is like our body and the software is like our mind. The server is like the Cosmic Body, and the software on the server is like a Cosmic Mind. And they all are changing for each other. Old mind is not suitable for a new body. And an old body is unfit for a new mind. The body and mind are inseparable. They both are changing. And they both are connected to the soul. 


The body is a gross mind and the mind is a subtle body. And they both are connected with the cosmic body and the cosmic mind. And the soul is not a body. It is a no-body and, therefore, it is unchanging. Our individual soul is connected with the cosmic soul. Neither our soul is changing nor the cosmic soul is changing. And Enlightenment is nothing but the experience of this soul while we are alive in our body. The body and mind are keep on changing and transforming till enlightenment happens. Therefore, the body and the mind are keep on taking birth. We do not come on this planet only once. No, this is not the perspective of the Eastern religions. We keep on coming on this planet earth again and again till enlightenment happens. This is the insight of all the Eastern religions.

The memory of the brain also functions in this way. And the computer memory also functions in this way. And the information in the brain or the computer is stored in one of the two states. We can label the two states of the human brain as one with thoughts and the other as without thoughts. We can label the mind as one with concepts and the other as without concepts. A brain has a capacity to store and archive various concepts, ideas, philosophies, and experiences. And when we identify ourselves with a particular concept or an idea, a mind is created. And when a mind has an experience of its own, the idea or a concept loses its meaning and the mind attains to a different state. The no-mind is a mind that does not depend on beliefs, ideas, and concepts. The no-mind grows on understanding and experience. A thoughtless state of the mind is also a state of the mind. And this state is a state of the No-Mind. And this state of the No-Mind is possible only through Dhyana or Meditation. And the by-product of the state of the No-Mind is silence. And in a silent state of the mind we can experience the soul. And this is a center of our being. This is a point of Spiritual Singularity. And this experience is divine. The center of our being is also a center of the Cosmic Being. And the by-product of this experience is an infinite bliss. This is the state of a Sachitananda

According to neurology the brain is a 2.5 pound jelly-like substance that has more than 100 plus billion neurons. And all these neurons are continuously forming a network, same like how we all are creating networks in the web through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. We can not even reckon the number of this networking. The neurologists say that this number is more than the number of known particles in the whole universe. And all these neurons are sharing information continuously. And this networking gives rise to different states of the mind. Just take the example of a jigsaw puzzle that we play. There is one normal and ordered state and many random states. And when we achieve the normal or ordered state with all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle we win the game. And we feel happy when we achieve this state and win the game. The same is the case with the mind and the brain. There is one ordered state and many random states. And that one single ordered state is called a Spiritual Singularity. In Ashtanga Yoga, sage Patanjali terms this state as Samadhi, a state of tranquility and transcendence. The mind has to pass through various perceptions to attain to this state. There are various perceptions of the body and the consciousness. The various bodies are - waking body, sleeping body (dreaming body and dreamless body), drugged body, and an awakened body. And the various states of the consciousness are - waking consciousness, sleeping consciousness (dreaming consciousness and dreamless consciousness), drugged consciousness, and an awakened consciousness. The mind has to pass through the perceptions of all these bodies to know and experience the Supreme Consciousness. The by-product of this experience is the state of a Sachitananda. The purpose of including the drugged consciousness is because in the west there is a misconception that this awakened state is attained through the drugs. And they have many drugs. Anybody who is telling you that this state can be attained through the drugs is a charlatan. He is a sham. Please never believe in all this. This is dangerous. This is just a hallucination. And this is not enlightenment. Therefore, there is no need to pass through the perceptions of a drugged consciousness to experience the Supreme Consciousness.