Appo Deepo Bhava !! 

It was Buddha’s last day in this mortal world. He was leaving this world forever. Ananda was his cousin and also the closest disciple. He was crying and weeping. Ananda was not yet enlightened. He was saying Buddha, “You are a spiritual Guru and a beacon to me and all us on this journey of enlightenment. I know I am not yet enlightened. And I do not know about others. Now you are leaving us all. What will happen to us? What will happen to me? Who will show us the right way and the right path? Who will take me and guide me on this spiritual journey? The whole world and life was an utter darkness to us and you came in our life as our light and delight. Who will show us this light now?” Buddha just opened his eyes and said, “Appo Deepo Bhava”. He said, “Just be a light unto yourself. Nobody can give this light to you.” All Buddha’s have just pointed towards this light. They have only indicated towards this inner light. And this light is hidden in the heart and being of every being. It was their love and compassion for all of us. We all have to move towards this divine light that is hidden in each one of us. I wish this Diwali to help us all burst into love, light and laughter. Happy Diwali 2011.

Who is Shiva? What is Shivalinga? Who is Ganesha?

Mythology is rich with all these. And we have no idea as to what these figures are. Are these real ones? Are these facts? Are these just myths? Let us explore.

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Myth is not a Reality, and Reality is not a Myth 

Duality is at the heart of creation. Symmetry is at the heart of existence. Ekam, Advitium is the most misunderstood maxim of the Upanishads. Let us transcend.

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