Contact information:  
Office: Cullimore Hall, room 523
Department of Mathematics, New Jersey of Technology, Newark NJ, 07102

Upcoming conferences/workshops:
- International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Valencia Spain, July 2019
- Mathematical Fluids, Materials and Biology, Michigan, June 2019
- Numerical methods for PDEs, BIRS, Canada, May 2019
- Mathematics of form in active media, Newton Institute UK, March 2019
- APS March Meeting, Boston, March 2019
- SIAM Computational Science Meeting, Feb 2019

Recent conferences:
DFD Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Nov 2018
Mathematics of Living Matter
PSU and U.Paris 6, Oct 2018
AMS Meeting, U Delaware, Sept 2018
SIAM Materials Science, Portland, July 2018
Complex Biological Flows, BIRS, Banff Canada, July 2018
APS March Meeting, Los Angeles, March 2018
Fundamental Problems in Active Matter, Aspen Center for Physics, Jan 2018

Nov 2018 - Paper "Nonlinear concentration patterns and bands in autochemotactic suspensions" appears in Physical Review E
Aug 2018 - Starting a new position at the New Jersey Institute of Technology!
Aug 2017 - Paper "Scattering of biflagellate microswimmers from surfaces" appears in Physical Review E
Aug 2016 - Perspective on our work in NJP "One ring to rule them all: tuning bacteria collective motion via geometric confinement"
Aug 2016 - Paper on anisotropically tumbling swimmers appears in Physical Review E.
June 2016 - Work with Hugo and Ray on bacteria in racetracks appears in New Journal of Physics.
May 2016 - Paper on the dynamics of inert spheres in an active micro-rotor bath appears in Soft Matter.
Dec 2015 - Work with Matteo, Idan, Vasily and Marco on micro-algae hitting an obstacle appears in Physical Review Letters.
June 2015 - We got an NSF-CBET grant to fund our work on the emergent behavior of micro-rotors.
May 2015 - Paper on the collective dynamics of micro-rotors appears in Physical Review Letters.
April 2015 - Article on micro-rotor orbits appears in J. Nonlinear Science.
June 2014 - Paper on bacterial organization in a drop appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Research work highlighted in popular press:
- Brown University News Tiny `racetracks' show how bacteria get organized, July 2016
- National Science Foundation CBET News from the Field, July 2016
- Brown University News Researchers simulate behavior of 'active matter', June 2015 
- National Science Foundation CBET News from the Field, June 2015
- Researchers simulate behavior of active matter, June 2015
- Futurity Magazine Watch these spinning dots move like flocks, June 2015
- Brown University News Emergence of bacterial vortex explained, June 2014
- LiveScience Bacterial vortex explained, June 2014