Contact information:  
Office: Cullimore Hall, room 523
Department of Mathematics, New Jersey of Technology, Newark NJ, 07102

Upcoming conferences/workshops:
- KITP conference on "Active Matter at the Frontier", April 2020
- KITP program "Symmetry, thermodynamics and topology in Active Matter", March-May 2020
- APS-DFD Annual Meeting, November 2019
- Society of Engineering Science meeting, October 2019

Recent conferences:
- Gordon Research Conference in Soft Matter, August 2019
- Workshop in Active and Soft Matter, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, July 2019

Oct 2019 - Paper "Relating rheotaxis and hydrodynamic actuation using asymmetric Au-Pt phoretic rods" appears in Physical Review Letters
Nov 2018 - Paper "Nonlinear concentration patterns and bands in autochemotactic suspensions" appears in Physical Review E
Aug 2017 - Paper "Scattering of biflagellate microswimmers from surfaces" appears in Physical Review E
Aug 2016 - Perspective on our work in NJP "One ring to rule them all: tuning bacteria collective motion via geometric confinement"
Aug 2016 - Paper on anisotropically tumbling swimmers appears in Physical Review E.
June 2016 - Work with Hugo and Ray on bacteria in racetracks appears in New Journal of Physics.
May 2016 - Paper on the dynamics of inert spheres in an active micro-rotor bath appears in Soft Matter.
Dec 2015 - Work with Matteo, Idan, Vasily and Marco on micro-algae hitting an obstacle appears in Physical Review Letters.
June 2015 - We got an NSF-CBET grant to fund our work on the emergent behavior of micro-rotors.
May 2015 - Paper on the collective dynamics of micro-rotors appears in Physical Review Letters.
April 2015 - Article on micro-rotor orbits appears in J. Nonlinear Science.
June 2014 - Paper on bacterial organization in a drop appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Research work highlighted in popular press:
- Brown University News Tiny `racetracks' show how bacteria get organized, July 2016
- National Science Foundation CBET News from the Field, July 2016
- Brown University News Researchers simulate behavior of 'active matter', June 2015 
- National Science Foundation CBET News from the Field, June 2015
- Researchers simulate behavior of active matter, June 2015
- Futurity Magazine Watch these spinning dots move like flocks, June 2015
- Brown University News Emergence of bacterial vortex explained, June 2014
- LiveScience Bacterial vortex explained, June 2014