Enjuku Racing Review

It is a fact that buying a vehicle such as a car and maintaining it for increasing its lifespan are expensive matters. Your investment simply does not stop with purchasing a vehicle. In fact, it continues until the lifespan.

What Is Enjukuracing.com?

Established in Clermont, Florida in 1999; Enjuku Racing is a mid-size organization that runs an e-commerce portal, enjukuracing.com. It sells products and services that belong to the auto industry.

The online portal is among the popular auto parts and accessories depot that give a tough competition to contending brands such as AutoZone and RealTruck. The digital store showcases a variety of products and brands that come to a customer’s home with convenience after an order is placed online.

Even after almost 20 years, the brand is evolving and growing incessantly. Its collection of racing parts on sale specializes in Nissan 240SX parts as well as SR20DET performance.

The brand is recognized as one of the premier twisters for ensuring S-Chassis performance. It is admired for its know-how and customer-oriented service not only in the United States but across the globe, as per several Enjuku reviews.

As of now, the brand has expanded its operations by specializing more in overall Nissan performance along with several other vehicles. As a premier tuning store for S-Chassis, it has specialized into other Nissan racing parts and vehicles such as 350Z and 370Z along with VQ and RB25DET Swaps.

In the near future, it will be striving for dedicated R&D for offering the different parts and accessories for new vehicles launched in the market.

What Parts Does Enjuku Sell

The online store has a collection of thousands of parts, such as pipes, openings, wheels, exhausts, and suspensions. Right from cooling sets to turbo kits and from front-end adaptations to shock-handling supplies, Enjuku Racing can provide almost parts and accessories. Whether it is for customization, maintenance, or upgrading, the parts and accessories are usually split into the following types or categories on the online store:

Engine: This is where you can get new engine parts for tailoring a vehicle’s engine for better performance. You can find all components of a compatible engine here for uplifting or sustaining performance. Purchase whatever you want for upgrading the engine after planning a comprehensive approach focusing on how the new engine parts would perform together.

Cabin: If all desired engine amendments are done, you may have a plan to promote the cabin to give a sporty look and feel while on the go. After all, the brand has an aim of offering racing-inspired parts. For this, the online Enjuku Racing store provides several aftermarket auto parts, ranging right from steering wheels to bucket seats.

Wheel: Most modern customization projects for vehicles are not without custom wheel parts. These are perhaps amongst the most famous aftermarket parts. All these wheel parts are available at the online store, including lug nuts and spacers. With these parts, you can easily visualize in-style driving uplifted to the next novel level.

Body: The body parts are for those who are more conscious of external look rather than sustaining the internal performance by making engine and cabin amendments. For them, a high-performing engine is important but a delay in that is just fine. So, these tuners primarily focus on upgrading their vehicles’ exterior. For them, the portal offers comprehensive aftermarket body parts.

No matter which parts you need for your auto customization project, you can expect them in the digital store of Enjuku Racing. This is what we found in different reviews by its customers. Being stirred by the racing culture, the brand seems to offer parts that refine performance as well as aesthetics of different vehicles.

Enjuku works towards its exclusive goal of interlacing the racing and tuning cultures. It is perhaps the reason why it is providing aftermarket parts. According to the site, whether the need is of giving a car the look of a racer or rendering its performance as that of a race car, the required aftermarket parts are available in the digital store. Right from vented hoods to turbo drives and reliable brake systems, the catalog of components is full of diverse racing-inspired parts for various vehicles. This is perhaps why any tuner or car owner can trust this online shop for aftermarket highly-performing parts. The online inventory is recurrently upgraded to reveal the latest as well as the widest collection of exclusively performing parts.

What Brands Do They Work With?

During its inception, Enjuku Racing began as a provider of aftermarket functional parts for a variety of Nissan models. Although still focusing on tuner Nissan racing parts and components, the brand has encompassed a variety of parts of other brands and vehicles over the past few years. Thus, in addition to offering parts of Nissan automobiles, Enjuku offers a myriad of parts and accessories for the vehicles of brands such as Ford, Chevy, Volkswagen, Hyundai, BMW, Dodge, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Infiniti, Subaru, and Mini Cooper to name a few.

Deals that Enjuku Racing Offers

The brand is known for its package deals that offer substantial savings while making you a smart shopper. These are among the best deals for performance parts. Instead of purchasing each part separately and investing much more than what is actually required, Enjuku offers all compatible parts in a single package. Thus, such a package triggers significant savings.

While the package deals on offer are ideally a smart way to save significantly on the required parts, it is a fact that there are times when customers need just single parts for successful execution of their projects.

Keeping this need in mind, the staff at Enjuku tries to keep the minimum purchase price for each of the parts on sale. Thus, you get what you want at the best price. Right now, if you just go through the online portal, several parts and accessories are available at discounted rates.

You can even save using coupon codes but they are not as many as you can expect. At a time, there might be only 2-3 codes working and active. The most reliable way to gain these codes is to participate in the Rewards program online and save substantial hard-earned money.

The program is free while giving you some critical savings. You only need to sign up to have an account. Then, using it, you just have to perform some simple tasks such as ordering recurrently, liking pages, sharing pages, or writing fair product reviews.

What Customers Say

Most customers are pleased with the communication service, deals, parts, and prompt shipping. They are also willing to shop again from the online portal and recommend the same to others in need of quality and high-performing parts. These feedbacks you will find on their official site including those from the beginners and forums such as forums.nicoclub.com. Yes, some customers do have dissatisfactory experience but then it is essential to know the full story and then decide.


• Already discounted parts • On-demand comparison of parts • Free shipping support (maybe timely) • Different modes of payment supported • Promo codes and coupon codes supported


• Some parts of some brands may be unavailable, as the portal is still expanding


Enjuku Racing can be a reliable aftermarket parts provider for anybody who wants to simply tune up, maintain, or upgrade the vehicle in hand. Even beginners to the tuning world can rely on its service not only for its parts but also for its customization plan as per the budget, which offers different ideas or suggestions for prioritizing the desired project tasks. So, would you like to try Enjuku racing parts?