Raymond Feng is a PMC member and committer of Apache Tuscany open source project, working on the Service Component Architecture (SCA) runtime. Raymond has been developing SOA platforms for more than 8 years and is one of the pioneers at implementing SCA. Prior to this role he was a key developer and team lead for IBM WebSphere Process Server products. 

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Apache Tuscany: PMC member and committer


Tuscany In Action: Co-author

  Tuscany in Action is a comprehensive, hands-on guide for developing technology agnostic, extensible applications using Apache Tuscany's lightweight SCA infrastructure. The book uses practical examples based on a travel booking scenario to demonstrate how to develop applications with Tuscany SCA. Apache Tuscany supports a variety of programming environments, data bindings and communication protocols "out of the box" and can be easily extended to support other technologies.
By reading Tuscany in Action you'll learn how to model, compose, deploy and manage applications using SCA. This includes using many of the technologies included with Tuscany such as Web services, JMS and JSON-RPC for protocol handling and Java, BPEL, Spring and scripting for developing components. You'll also learn how to extend Apache Tuscany to support new programming environments and communication protocols and how you can embed the runtime into your application environment.