Dexter Season 8 Episode 5 in a totally unexpected way, which brought Lumen and Dexter even closer together. has had a number of watch-through-your-fingers moments, but when he's pulled up on stage while trying to intercept Cole it was a moment of tension of which Brian De Palma would be proud. The subsequent chase and then delivery moment for Lumen served to develop her persona in a new and subtle way. She's smart, clever enough to work out that Dexter's an expert through experience, but she's also rationalised that he's the only person who can help her now.

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The second important moment is the argument between Debra and Maria. I'm happy to admit that in the earlier Dexter seasons, I wasn't a big fan of Debra, as she was filled with excessive amounts of self-doubt. But in this one scene, and a couple of Dexter Season 8 Episode 5 minor ones later, she emerges fully from that chrysalis and tells Maria exactly how it really is.

I'm not sure if Batista will really back her when it comes to it, but she's really evolved in the past couple of Dexter Season 8 Episode 5 seasons. Her conversation with Dexter about killing people was also very revealing, as the impression was given that if Dexter had told her who he really is, she'd have been cool with it, amazingly.

Then, having taken us on a skilfully constructed theme park ride, they couldn't resist throwing a real spanner in the works in the final frames. Liddy gets some very compromising photos of Dexter and Lumen out on The Slice Of Life, dumping Cole's remains. If Joey didn't regret employing Liddy already, it looks like he's going to do so very soon, along with Dexter and Lumen. The trailer for next week only made things worse for the viewer, as by now I was desperate to find out precisely what happens next.
er brother.

Dexter confirms that Harry did die of suicide after overdosing on his heart medication, and Debra immediately said, “was it because of you?” Dexter replies, “He thought he created a monster.” And, to that, we got the almighty cliffhanger.

Debra nervously says, “I think I know how he felt…why he killed himself. But he only got it half right.” Debra then grabs hold of the steering wheel and jerks it sharply, causing the vehicle to veer off the road and shoot into a lake.

A fisherman on the bank of the lake jumps in and pulls Debra from the car. Dexter is unconscious and the car is sinking. Debra is pulled to the shore, before heading back into the water after realising her massive mistake. The episode ends with Debra surfacing with Dexter in her arms.

And here’s what he have to look forward to next week with the promo of Dexter season 8 episode 5 “The Little Piggy.”

 dexter-season-8-episode-3.jpgIt is becoming increasingly hard for "Dexter" to balance life with his new mom and trying to help his sister pick up the pieces.

In attempt to try to make Debra feel better about herself, Dexter takes her to the Mexican restaurant where she took down a gunman. But all that does is spur her to come to Miami Metro to confess to killing Captain LaGuerta. Luckily, because of a combination of being drunk and Quinn thinking Deb is speaking metaphorically, Dexter is brought in to help her.

However, Dexter seems to be operating under the assumption that his new mommy is Deb's new mommy -- and that's not how Dr. Vogel sees things at all. She seems more interested in taking Deb out so that Dexter can be his lovable psychopath self without being all inhibited by his sister.

Do you think Dr. Vogel is actually going to try to help Deb? We are skeptical. It also makes us wonder how Dr. Vogel feels about Harrison. A psychopath trained to kill other psychopaths -- who has a son? That's not as neat and tidy as we suspect Dr. Vogel would like things to be. Hmmm.