Review Games

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 Create Vocabulary Sets - students can study as flashcards as well as play three different games, and quiz themselves on the terms. 

 Create an interactive quiz.  Students race to see who can answer each question correctly -  and the fastest.  Students go to in order to enter the game pin provided by the teacher.  Requires a projection of the teacher/lead computer so students can see the questions.  
 Similar to Kahoot, create contest-based classroom reviews.  This one shuffles questions so students don't see each others' answers.  
 Free Rice    

 While not necessarily good for content specific review - this is a great game to help students review vocab, grammar, math skills, etc... while feeding hungry people!
 Review Game Zone

 Teachers upload question sets - the website then allows the students to play different games using the question set.  Students can pick the games they want to play - and must answer correctly in order to play the next round of the game.  Teacher account required.
 Super Teacher Tools

 Teachers can create game-show based reviews with their own content.