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 This site by the University of Colorado contains simulations for chemistry, biology, physics, and more! Some examples include the Atom Builder, Balancing Chemical Equations, Friction, etc... 
 Periodic Table of Videos    

 Site has individual videos for each element on the Periodic Table, as well as extra videos on molecules, etc...
 YouTube - SciShow

 "Teaches scientific concepts in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner"
 Top YouTube Channels for Math and Science

 List of YouTube channels that are great resources for Science and Math teachers.
 Ed Tech Teacher

 Follow the link to each broad category to see a list of teacher resources for that category. 
 Wolfram Alpha

 A "Computational Knowledge Engine" - Allows students to do enter more than just math equations.  Click on the subject area to see what you can do.  For example, insert the names of elements separated by commas and it will give you a comparison of those elements. 
 Discover Education

 Lessons plans and videos by Discovery Education.  Some free resources available, but some content my require subscription 
 Physics Central

 The American Physics Society gives an information hub with real-life examples of how physics works and why it matters. 
 The Virtual Body

 "Learn more about the human body.  Information is provided on the skeleton, the heart, the brain, and the digestive tract, and how they function"
 Teaching with Google Earth

 Tips and tricks for using Google Earth in the classroom.