Resource              Link    Description
 Purdue OWL

 Purdue Online Writing Lab is a great resource for writing.  It includes resources on essay formats, making citations, grammar, and more!
 Discovery Education                

 Provides free videos to students on homework help topics under the categories of writing, mechanics, and grammar.  Discovery Education is a great site, but limited resources are free, so students may need a specific link to a free video to ensure they get to watch it.  
50 Useful Links for ESL    

 Article with links to 50 sites that are ESL resources.  
 No Red Ink    

 No Red Ink is a great site for Grammar and Mechanics practice.  Teachers set up classes and add students - teachers can assign practice rounds based on pretest results, or assign practice based on current standards.  It allows students to personalize the practice questions by selecting favorite topics to include.
 Son of Citation Machine

 Helps students format Citations in either MLA, APA, or Chicago format.  Students must be able to input information from the source in order for the citation to be created. 

 Visuwords is a great visual vocabulary resource.  Students can enter a word, and see definitions, word parts, word relationships, etc..
 10 Sites Where You Can Read Online    

 Links (and how-to instructions) for several resources where students can download and read available e-books.  

 Great Literary and Non-Fiction Reading Passages with Paired Questions (higher DOK, text-based, essay).  Can sort passages by lexile level, subject, and skill assessed.  
 StoryBoard That

 Great tool for students to demonstrate understanding of a concept.  For example - students can create a comic strip which shows irony.  Requires students to create free account.  Can only save two separate comic strips at a time.