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Introductory paragraph

I'm glad to see you've stumbled across my page.  This is courtesy of Google Page Creator, one of the newest endeavours of our friendly neighbourhood search engine.   It does seem to be rather restricting in the functions that it allows, one of my biggest annoyances being that I'm forced to use silly pre-made templates.  I was hopeful when I saw the 'Edit HTML' button at the bottom, but apparently it only allows editing of html within these little pre-defined text spaces.  Oh well, I shall make do I suppose. 

 Pages become so much more interesting with random graphics.  And content come to think of it.  This page is so random.  I shouldn't be allowed to make webpages.  Everytime I start a new section, I get distracted and run off.

I expect that this page will be under construction for a while, since I have so many ideas of things I want to add to it, but so little time.  In fact, after my semester of insanity wraps up I'll be moving all my things to Ottawa and then going off to the UK for 5 weeks and California/BC for a week.  I'll be back in time for convocation in June.  Perhaps I'll update the site with tales of my travels.  Until then, however, I must survive until the end of the semester and pass all my courses.