Unit 1 Comparatives


Discover and learn how comparisons are made in English
  • I have included a list of pdfs and websites  to learn how to use adjectives to compare attributes. We will also use the learning material from the Elementary podcast series 1 episode 7 by the British Council.
  • We are going to have several activities and projects published in your blog, check the link to make sure you have all of them. Blog- Unit 1

Reference material
Do you know how to use and make comparisons? Check the grammar if needed.

Grammar Rules
  • Practice , practice, practice. Answer as many exercises as needed to master the comparatives.
  • Play the following games and discover how well you now master the comparatives.


1. Topic: Working at home versus in an office
  • Read , compare and discuss in class.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of working at home?

2. Why is it better to pretend you don´t know about computers?

3.  Download the document ¨The world´s largest ship¨ (see below attached files). Identify and highlight  the comparatives used in the text.
  • Send the document with your highlighted words to your blog.

4. Comparing dogs and cats. Watch the videos, and participate in the forum.

  • Click on the next link and write your answer

5. Describing you and someone else . 

  • Print the pdf called Skillwise adjectives .

  • Describe yourself  and a friend of yours with  sentences comparing both of you.

We are going to check the sentences in class.

6. Being there. How does it feel being in Antarctica?

6.1  Look at the document below called Being there. You will find some pictures, and adjectives . Select the adjectives form the list provided to describe what it may feel like being in Antartica. Write  your ideas under the pictures. Send the file to your blog.

6.2 What other places in the world are similar? Which are different?

Similar:  Antartica is as solitary as ________

Different : Antartica is more solitary than _________

                    Antartica is less_______than __________

Then compare being in Antartica to any other place in the world you select. Write your ideas using as...as or more.... than , or less... than.

Send your answers and a picture of both places to your blog.

A. Read the pdf on notetaking and make  notes using the following videos.
In class we are going to watch a video about Perth's future (from English bites) and one called :  Your city is beautiful  ( from the Living English series) both can be found at the Australian Network website.

Using your notes prepare a brief oral comment to explain in class the problems described in Perth Australia, and the comparison between Adelaide and Singapore in the Living English  video  called Your city is beautiful.

7. Reading:  
Climate change

  • Read what other kids have to say about climate change in their country.
  • Below there is a link to an interactive map.
  • You can also read some examples in a pdf (see attached files) called ¨We are all citizens of a global village¨
  • Read the text and highlight the comparatives. Send you highlighted document to your blog.

  • Read about climate change at Climate 4 classrooms

  • Find an answer to the following questions in the link below. Write them on a piece of paper. We will discuss them in class.
  1. What is climate change?
  2. What causes climate change?
  3. What evidence do we have of climate change?
  4. How do we predict the future?
  5. What could the future look like?
  6. What will the climate be like in Mexico? 


Tech skills:  Creating powerpoints
 ( a google-doc as presentation , and a recorded  powerpoint )

1. Watch the following video to make sure you you avoid some of the most common mistakes when creating a ppt presentation:

YouTube Video

  • Make a google doc as presentation  ( 20 slides) with pictures and sentences comparing objects, people, social problems, etc. Make sure you use the comparative forms : as....as, more than, er...than.
  • Publish the presentation in your blog.

Project 2
  • Create a presentation on global warming using the ppt. template and the script provided  ( see attached files below)
  • Find  pictures to illustrate the notes in the powerpoint template attached below as a file, then record your presentation using screencast-o-matic to create a screencast. Publish the video in you tube and in your blog.

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