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Common short verbs like bring, come, do, get, give, go, have, keep, make, put and take
are very often used with prepositions or adverb particles
(e.g. on, off, up, away) to make two-word verbs.
These are called "phrasal verbs" and many of them are idiomatic.

Can you look after the cats while I'm away?

She just doesn't know how to bring up children.

I gave up chemistry because I didn't like it.

Many of these two-word verbs are especially common in informal speech and writing, compare:

What time are you planning to turn up? (informal)
Please let us know when you plan to arrive (more formal)

Just keep on till you get to the crossroads (informal)
Continue as far as the crossroads (formal)

Видео Репетитор английского языка Москва TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT

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