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Margaret Of Anjou

Created and performed by Christine Hooper.  Directed and narrated by Fabrice Merlo. A Words Up! and Melting Pot Productions co-production. November 19th, 24th. December 1st, 4th, 11th, 17th, 22nd.
The Play
Margaret of Anjou, a French princess is pawned off on the battlefield as bride to a victorious English king.  Shipped across the channel she discovers her husband to be not a martial hero but rather a simple-minded monk... a man unfit for kingship and overwhelmed by advisors, competitors and intermittent fits of delirium.  

A foreigner, she is plunged into the heart of English politics and becomes a major player in the Wars of the Roses, battling to the bitter end to maintain her husband and her only son's grip on the English crown.


The story of a woman's fight to enter the political arena and influence the course of history. 

The story of her transformation from innocent young girl to hard-nosed politician and warrior, and finally bitterness and destitution.

This solo (or almost) show combines extracts from Shakespeare’s history plays and contemporary source material to tell her story.

Margaret’s story runs through Shakespeare’s history plays from Henry VI part one to Richard III.  She leaves an indelible mark on the action, but remains one of the Bard’s little known major female roles.


The People
Christine Hooper
"Daddy, how do you say sky in French?" At five years old, I had already felt the pull of things foreign, a curiosity to find out about the world beyond...  My need to learn other languages is perhaps the same need that drives me as an actress : speaking a foreign language or playing a part both involve jumping into someone else's skin.  So this adventure to find out more about people and what it means to be alive has taken me on trains and planes to live & act in theatre and film, in French and English, in France, Finland, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, the USA...

Fabrice Merlo

Whether performing Hamlet, Lorenzaccio, Baudelaire or a cop, Fabrice Merlo brings depth, intensity and reality to the character he is acting.  «Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances» Sanford Meisner.  A graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, he should have become a journalist, but the theatre decided otherwise.  He studied acting in Paris, Moldavia, New York and Los Angeles where he worked with Larry Moss.  He is an acting coach and a yoga teacher.

Directing credits include :  L’Habit vert and Faustine, Musset; L’Illusion Comique, Corneille; The Long Voyage Home, Eugène O’Neill; Lucrèce Borgia, Victor Hugo; Savage in Limbo, John Patrick Shanley; Marion et Fénix, written and performed by Celia Kirche; Olga, Lolita N’Goumi; Macbeth, Shakespeare; « Q. Que du plaisir » One woman show by Severine Broussy; Le sexe de la femme comme champs de bataille, Matei Visniec; Kroum l’ectoplasme, Hanokh Levin; Monologues, Xavier Durringer...