English Teacher in Tokyo

Hello! My name is Walter Yates. 

ETiT offers qualified teaching and training staff with 25 years experience.  We like meeting people and helping students learn and never stop learning from them. 

We teach person to person and groups at our office in Kita-Matsudo, Cafes, at schools companies.  

Experienced and Qualified in England, Australia, Japan and ASIA with business degrees, certificates for TESOL , marketing, travel, tourism, training and more.

We have owned business, managed and operated over ten business in four countries, work experienced in many industries. 

Lessons are tailor made or we offer a library of over 300 teaching books for beginners to advance business and special use English, lesson material can be emailed for you printed.


Hello, I am Walt. I come from Australia and U.K. I have lived in Japan for 7 years. I adopt different teaching methods respectively in order for each student to achieve his/her goal quickly. Whoever wants to study English, regardless of his/her age, please contact me. I have taught various types of English for more than 10 years,(e.g. general, business, special subjects), sharing my business knowledge in my life to develop students’ English skills. See you soon.

1    hour  from ¥3000 for 1.
1.5 hours from ¥4500 for 1.
2    hours from ¥5000 for 1
1    extra student  ¥1000.
Plus travel expenses.
Plus additional expenses may be required for travel time.

Lessons style is relaxed, fun and friendly.
Conversation - Meeting people, Business Work & Shopping.
Vacation                - Vacation & travel for booking and on holiday.
Business                - Conversation and structured.
Professional   - Travel agents and Hospitality.
Specialty                 -Tailor-made lessons ; Office Company and Business.

Levels from Beginners to Advanced, Business and specific use.
Start at any level, I can guide you to improve your -

Types of Lessons
Speaking                - correction & pronunciation.
Listening              - accent training.
Grammar              - vocabulary & explanation.
Reading                - selected and review of understanding.

        - 1 on 1, person to person. At cafe or home.
Small Group         - 2 or more  people at my home or your room.
Company         - 2 or more people at your company room.
Schools         - 2 or more people at public or private schools.
S U E         - 1 or more people tailor made for particular needs. 
Corporate                - 1 or more people tailor made for particular needs. 
Business                       - 1 or more people tailor made for particular needs. 
Style of lesson
Casual        - Any day or time you like to suit you and me.                            
Regular course - Have 1 or more lesson at the same time for 8 or 10 weeks
Conversation - Friendly talking about anything. I guide the talking.
Structured        - Target speaking for your subject choice. I make 10 lessons for you.
Business         - Target speaking for your Company industry. I make 10 lessons for your
Special Use English- Target Language for your pursuit or study.

Individuals and Small Group
You decide type of lesson you want to have, I can also offer you advice if you are not sure about your needs. 

Private, Corporate, Business and Small Group Lessons 
Tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements.
Free appraisal. I meet you to design a lesson plan and then submit a course outline. 
Used to assess your level of English and what type of lessons you need to have.

Intensive private courses
Feature everything you need to raise your English to a higher level. 
Free appraisal. I meet you to design a lesson plan and then submit a course outline. 
Used to assess your level of English and what type of lessons you need to have.

I give you -

Individual attention
This allows you to learn the English skills most essential to you in a short time. 

Private courses
Are open to junior and adult learners with any level of English: beginning, intermediate, or advanced.

Regular course highlights
Personalized learning programs including pre-course evaluation, orientation interview, detailed recommendations, and weekly assessment meetings. 

Private, customized lessons 
That give you intensive practice in the language topics most essential to you, for example: business communication, listening comprehension, TOEFL or TOEIC preparation, writing, or general English vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation

Special Use English 
I am able to give SUE lessons for elementary to advance let me know what your special use is and I will develop or use off the shelf lesson plans. 
Trial fee may apply for  as I research your subject before the first lesson plan.

Document Editing-
I also receive, edit, and return documents by email or a hard copy. I can also supply explanations. Confidentiality assured.
I recommend students send text in ".txt" or ".doc" formats.
I use Microsoft Word, I can use "editing tools / track changes".
With this you can see the corrections on the same page or separately.

Documents can take more or less time to edit depending on;
The amount of editing needed.
Your writing English level.
The complexity of the document. 
The level you require. etc. 

The price for document editing is by 
Hourly -rate from JPY 2000 to 6000, or 
1 Word -rate  from JPY 15 to 22 . 

How to start 
Send a sample (around 100 words) in an email to my email address, or an attachment. 
Book a time and place to meet, that is convenient to me, let me know your station or come to Kita Matsudo.

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