DETAIL tutorial

The idea of ASCII-art is to convert many pixels into text. During the compression 10 x 10 pixels x 3 layers of colour (300 peaces of information) are reduced to one symbol. The only way to keep the details in the picture is to enlarge it before you convert it into ASCII-art.

For the example we use a little picture with many details and convert it into black and white like in the EASY tutorial.

After the converting into ASCII-art there are only 3 lines and 5 columns (15 symbols) left. So much information is left that you can’t even imagine the original.

To keep the information the picture must be enlarged 10 times. Use the menu picture -> picture size and add a 0 to width and if necessary height.

Now you can use the ascii-art plug-in.

If you use the idea of the COLOUR 1 tutorial you can win more information.

Keep in mind that the original picture gets very big. So try to use little pictures when you want to use this method to show more details of the original picture in you ASCII-art.