Create ASCII-art ...

... in Photoshop or GIMP

Note that the German version of the website has more information about ASCII-art, the filter and how you can use it! Here you can only find the most important facts and the download-links.

Short overview what is possible with the ASCII-art-plugin and what not!

+ create ASCII-art-pictures
+ define your own alphabet
+ use all ASCII-symbols (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, etc.)
+ use pictures in rgb-mode
+ separate the red-, green- und blue-cannel
+ detect surfaces

~ be careful with g, j, p, q and y
~ the alphabet has a maximum of 255 letters
~ you can use ‘€’ although it is not an ASCII-symbol

not possible
- edge detection
- changing font and size (MAC - Version supports small signs)
- creating a text layer
- using only selected areas (except MAC - Version)
- CMYK-support