Odyssey/Othello Notebook Check

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Due Tuesday, 4/05 for W, RA & RB; Due Wednesday, 4/06 for TA & TB

1. Hero/Non-Hero Chart
-4 from Book 11
-6 from the movie
2. Theatrical World Notes - extra credit only
3. Parallel Structure Notes
4. Intro to Othello
-Dramatic Terms
-Relationship Discussion
-Shakespeare Review (W, RA & RB only)
-Moor definition

Poetry Notebook #1

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1. Song Analysis & Reaction
-Why would music have anything to do with English class?
-How does an author or artist affect your opinion of a song?
-Do you think songs are poems? Why or why not?
2. Poetic Devices - Part 1
Define and provide examples for:
free verse
3. Tupac Text/Lyric Comparison
-What does a piece need to have in order to be considered a poem?
-What are the vivid details and adjectives in each? What stands out to you?
-What are the common features that make both poetic?
4. Lyrics Notes - Take notes on at least 10 songs from your classmates. Include title/artist, message, other important details.

Notebook #4 (due after Thanksgiving)

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1. Motif Quote Log (4 more - any theme)
2. Ch. 21-22 Questions 
-™What are three examples of cruelty by the Taliban in these chapters? 
™-What are two examples of irony in these chapters? 
™-Why do you think Hosseini decided that Assef should grow up to be a high-ranking Talib? 
™-Why does Amir laugh during his fight with Assef? 
™-In Chapter 22, we encounter many “full-circle” endings as we reach the climax, or turning point, of the plot. List three.

3. Amir & Sohrab Timeline
4. Ch. 24-25 Questions
™-What causes Sohrab’s life-threatening action? Do you think Amir should feel responsible for Sohrab’s actions? Why or why not?
™-Amir suffers greatly while Sohrab is in critical condition. In what ways is Amir’s suffering significant? What about Amir’s prayer indicate about how he has changed?
™-How does Amir cope with Sohrab’s long silence? Based on this new activity, what are the similarities between Amir and Baba?

Notebook #3 (Monday, 11/15)

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1. Motif Quote Log (4 more entries) - 2 for isolation

2. Ch. 16-17 Journal Questions
™Why do you think Hosseini decided that Rahim Khan should narrate Chapter 16? Why is it the most appropriate choice?
™Examine the contents of Hassan’s letter to Amir, noting what it reveals about Hassan. How do the letters affect Amir?
™Baba’s guiding principle in life was to never steal from anyone. In light of what Amir learns about Hassan, do you think Baba was a hypocrite? Why or why not?

3. Symbolism Discussion Questions
™How does an author create realistic characters?
™What kinds of symbols surround us everyday?
™Why do authors use symbolism?
™What does this image represent for you?

4. Ch. 20 Journal Questions

™Describe at least two different examples of how the Taliban has affected life in Afghanistan.

™What is your impression of Zaman? Do you think he is at fault at all for what has happened to Sohrab?

The Kite Runner - Notebook #2 (Friday, 11/04)

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1. Motif Quote Log - 4 entries

2. Ch. 13 Journal Entry

What is the double standard that Soraya faces as a woman in the Afghan-American community?

™What are at least two disappointments Soraya and Amir face soon after they are married?

™Do you think Amir should have told Soraya about his betrayal of Hassan before they were married? Why or why not? How has Amir’s secret both “helped” and hurt him in his relationship with Soraya?

3. Mullah Story Reflection
™What do you think is the lesson or moral of your story?
™What is a story you have heard growing up that is a fable or folktale?
™What is the purpose of a fable?

4. Ch. 15 Journal Entry
™What does Amir say about clichés? Why does Amir use the cliché about "an elephant in the room" to describe
his meeting with Rahim Khan?

™Explain “The truth was no. The lie was yes.”

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