Discover Mallorca

A WebQuest for 4th Grade (English)


The town hall asks you to create new alternative tourism activities. Think about places, activities, festivities, etc; that could be attractive, and the way you would offer them to tourists.

You have to work in groups of four and each of you will play a role; one will be concerned about A.A. (Alternative Activities) related to the sea, one about A.A. in the country, another about cultural A.A. and the fourth will deal with local costumes.


The Task

As a tourism enterprise you need to know what tourists look for in Mallorca to offer a suitable service.

Your final task will be creating a leaflet which will contain the following parts:

- Introduction: explain what alternative tourism is and its advantages

- Content formed by the A.A you want to offer (for further details go to the last section of The Process.)

- Route/s or location/s

- Timetable

- Fares


The Process

1. First you will be assigned to a team of four students.

2. Ask in an tourist office about what they offer and what tourists demand.

3. Make a difference between alternative and mass tourism activities. Answer the questions of the Treasure Hunt on Mass and Alternative Tourism, and fill out a Chart with your own new ideas of activities using the information obtained through the treasure hunt but without repeating any of the activities you can find on the web links.

Once you've picked up a role to play, you have to do the following tasks:

4. Think about other possibilities you could add to the already existing tourist attractions, related to your area of interest; that is to say, if you are the sea-man think about interesting activities related to the sea, if you are the culture man, you should explore the cultural possibilities, and so on.

5. Put all your results together and make a selection.

6. Collect all the information you may need related to your research area. Use the web and the tourist office to develop your ideas.

7. Create a leaflet that is to be available in tourist offices of Mallorca with all the services you want to provide. The content part will be divided into the four A.A. areas. Use pictures and an attractive format (different colours, typography and styles.)



Your score will be the same for all the members of the group (so, do your best!). All the following aspects will be taken into account. You need to get at least four Developing scores to consider your leaflet is satisfactory. Any better scores for different aspects will raise the final score of the work.












Collecting  information


Providing written evidence of information obtained in a tourist office about Alternative Tourism activities.

Completing the Treasure Hunt and making an Internet search.

Proving, with the activities you offer on the leaflet, that you have understood the idea of “Alternative Tourism”.

Applying the ideas put on the Chart on the leaflet.




Creativity and accuracy of ideas

Proposing new ideas which belong to “mass tourism”.

Adding some possibilities to the already existing list of A. A.

Printing and completing the Chart related to each of the fields of every student (according to their role).

Preparing a catalogue of A.A. related to the likes of tourists.



Written presentation of the content

Defining Alternative Tourism and explaining the advantages it has.

Describing the new activities the group has thought about.

Writing about the different locations, timetables and fares for each of the activities.

Creating a convincing text about the benefits of the A. A. introduced in the leaflet.



Design of the leaflet

Writing all the information on a piece of paper.


Adding some pictures showing the locations or the activities referred to.

Achieving a certain harmony between the text and the pictures.

Getting a leaflet which could be taken for a real one.





The leaflet you create should look as real as possible and whoever reads it (especially if it is a German or English person) should be interested in the product you are trying to sell. So try to be imaginative and create some really interesting possibilities presented in an appealing way.

In case you have any doubt of how to design your leaflet you can have a look at those offered by the tourist office. Also, so as to get more ideas which help you in this task, you could have a look at the webs of tourist offices from other parts of the country or even from other countries.