Personalize Your Experience 
Most of our rings are made by us and are available in a variety of metals and stone sizes.
All  rings displayed are mountings only and do not include the center stone. We maintain  a large inventory of center stones including GIA and EGL-USA certified diamonds as well as colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and citrine, etc.
 We are a wholesale jeweler that sells to fine jewelry stores. With ever changing diamond and precious metal prices please contact us for an exact quote. It is suggested that an e-mail or phone call be used to guarantee a price.
Almost all rings are available in 14K or 18K, white or yellow, and platinum.
We are a wholesale custom jeweler and will be happy to assist with your design.
Any of these designs can be customized to your specifications.
(personalized pricing available upon request) 

Dia, .18ctw. VS semi-mount
shown with 1.0ct. center 
matching wedding band available

shown with matching dia. wedding band

D- .33ct. VS "halo" semi-mount
shown with 1.0ct princess cut center

R808 *
fancy solitaire
tapered baguette diamonds on shank

D- .50.ct. VS .Princess & round Dia.
filigree semi-mount

R811 - W811  *
D-.75ct VS Halo style semi mount
shown with matching wedding band 

R8114  *
D- .75ct. VS (2 large dias.)
diamonds also on shank
semi-mount only

R817  *
.15ct. VS round diamonds
 semi-mount custom
shown with 1ct. center

R820  *
D- .36ct VS halo semi-mount 
matching dia. wedding band 

R823  *
D- .33ct VS semi-mount
shown with 1.0ct. round center.

R826 *
D- .36ct. VS halo semi-mount
 shown with matching band
poor photo - very white VS dias.

R831  *
D-.36ct. triangle VS semi-mount
shown with 1.0ct. center

R835  *
D-.36ct. VS halo semi-mount
shown with 10x5mm marquise diamond center
wedding band available

R838  estate
.82ct. round brilliant dia. center
1.0ct baguettedias - .50ct rb dias.
14K  one of a kind

princess-cut 1.02ct VS/ 1.45 VS baguette dias  . 
semi mount no center
1.09ctw VS round dias. 
semi mount 
R826-INVR 184
D- 1.20 VS princess cut dias.
avail. in white gold or plat.

rd 1.44ct VS/ rd yellow 0.30ct VS  /cntr  7.0x5.0mm
white & canary dias. or sapphires substituted
semi mount    price on request

R834-INVR 1065
new design
Canary and white diamonds
price on request

Emerald cut dia. and round dias.
mounting under construction

Antique 3 Dia.-blue sapphires
One of a kind-Call for avail. & price

side view

R801   *
cathedral solitaire
white,yellow gold, platinum

R804  *
solitaire twist
"two people entwined"

R806  *
choose from several styles
antique filigree - many dia. sizes avail
limited stock    

Deco 1920"s .52ct diamond
4 sapphires  
Only One! 
D- .25ct. matching wedding band 
plain band also available
R812  *
D- .50ct. 2 large dias.
semi-mount only
shown with 1 ct. center

R815  *
14K .24ct.  diamonds
semi-mount no center
either white or yellow gold

R821  *complete
24 princess cut dias.
2.67 VS round brilliant 
platinum Jewels by Star design
Only One!

R824  *
D- .20ct. VS semi-mount
shown with matching wedd. band
any shape center stone

R826  *
without wedding band

R829 *
D- .36ct. VS semi-mount
shown with 1.0ct. center
wedding band available

R832  *
D-.90ct. VS round semi-mount
shown with 1.0ct. center

R836  *
D- .36ct. VS halo semi-mount
 shown with 8x4mm marquise diamond center
wedding band shown

R839  estate
1.30 light fancy yellow diamond
1.44 AAA emeralds
Only One!
prn 1.03ct VS / bgt 1.32ct VS/ rd 1.15ct VS
semi mount  no center 

prn 0.57ct VS / rd 0.23ct VS
semi mount   

3.02ct VS princess cut & 1.19ct VS baguette dias.
semi mount - white gold or plat.

R830-INVR 1099
rd 0.20 / rd y 0.61ct / cntr 4.5mm dias.
sapphires can be substituted
semi mount-white gold or plat.  

.94ct VS round brilliant dias.
single row halo not double halo 
semi mount  
prn 2.18ct bgt 2.58ct  rd 1.40ct  center 8.0mm
One of my favorites - "bridge ring" 
We have many variations from big to small

R796   *
"by-pass" solitaire
same style available with dias. on shank
 with matching wedding band  

R802  *
 bi-pass solitaire 
for any shape diamond

D-..25ct. VS by-pass style
filigree semi-mount

D-.50 VS princess & round
Halo style semi-mount

R810 *
D.33ct. VS 4 prong semi-mount  

R813  *
  D-.75ct. dias.on sides & shank
semi-mount only
R822  *
.75ct. VS halo semi-mount
shown with 1.0ct princess-cut center

R825  *
D- .25ct. VS semi-mount
matching wedd. band available
shown with 1.0ct. center

R827  *
D-.75ct. VS double halo semi-mount
split diamond shank
poor photo - very white VS diamonds

R830  *
D- .50ct. VS semi-mount
 shown with 1.0ct. center
wedding band available 
R834 *
D-.50ct.  2 large rounds
shown with 1.0ct. center

R837  *
D-.50ct. VS halo semi-mount
shown with 10x7mm pear shape (1.60ct)
wedding band available

prn 0.64ct VS / rd 0.30ct. VS

R825-INVR 989
prn o.63ct VS/ bgt 0.77ct VS/ rd 0.11ct VS
semi mount   

rd 0.82ct VS/ trapezoid 0.28ct VS dias.
semi mount  

R831-INVR 1074
rd 0.50ct VS/ rd y 0.36ct /  em 0.61ct cntr  7.5x6.5mm dias..
 sapphires can be substituted
semi mount

round & baguette dias.
semi mount  

round & baguette dias.
mounting under construction

princess cut dias.
mounting under construction

R838- INVR1339B
prn 1.24ct  bgt 1.77ct  rd 1.04  cntr  6.5mm
A great variation for a 1.ooct diamond or gem stone