Pearl studs are available using Akoya or salt water, South Sea, Tahitian, and fresh water varieties. Each pearl is carefully selected for its size, luster, and conformity. Akoyas are generally white or cream colored, South Sea pearls are primarily white, Tahitians are shades of gray to black, and fresh water can be white, cream, or plum colored. Pearls can also be dyed to  any color. Our studs can have silver or gold backs and can be post,  screw back, or omega back. Pearls can be round, off round, or baroque (unusual shapes). Today, pearls can be grown in the shell in star, diamond, cross, coin, heart, and other shapes. We sock most of these.

 We wholesale every size diamond studs.  We have studs from .25ct to 2.0ct each stone. We recommend special screw back studs because they are impossible to lose when in your ear. Diamonds are available in white, blue, black, and chocolate.
 Colored gemstones are also in stock, and they make beautiful studs. Colored gem stones, amethyst ruby, sapphire, topaz, etc., are all available as studs. We stock a large assortment of matched gems.
choose AAA pearl size 
choose Diamond size
14 or 18K   price on request

8mm. round cultured pearls
silver or gold backs

5.5cts.. each- gold or silver backs

mother of pearl drops
9-9.5mm very white cultured Pearl
.20ctw. white diamonds
14Kprice on request

8mm cultured round pearls
silver or gold backs

different view


7mm round cultured pearls 
14K backs price on request

12.5mm. South Sea  pearls
.20cttw. dias.- 18K

many sizes available