Resources & Intro

Mastery Objective: As a result of our time together in the Media Center, you will be able to find and apply information from credible sources in order to  write a formal research paper in proper MLA format.

Plagiarism Tutorial from University Of Southern Mississippi:
  • Email quiz results at end to yourself and Mr. German-

Online Research Tools: 

(1) Ferguson's Career Guidance Center (Facts on File) 

  • Enter username: lenapehs1 and password: lenapehs1
  • In the "Search Job Profiles" box, search for a specific job.
  • Find a list of related jobs.
  • Select a specific job/career -- find description, links to organizations, and other information.

(2) Occupational Outlook Handbook

  • Go to - Occupational Outlook Handbook from US Department of Labor
  • In the SEARCH HANDBOOK box (near the top on the right), you can search for a specific job 
  • Or, click on a career field listed on the left
  • Or, for a complete alphabetical listing of all occupations, click on link in center of page to view the A-Z Index
  • Select one of the jobs to find information on the JOB OUTLOOK and other aspects of the field.
  • This website gives you a "suggested citation" but it is not in MLA format!!!! You must cite each article you use from this site, on your own, using EASYBIB!
    • Copy & paste URL from summary page of each job into Easybib
    • CHANGE article title from "Summary" to "Name of job"
  • You can also use (& cite) the PRINT version of this source!

(3) Career Cruising

  • Enter username: lenapehs1 and password: lenapehs1
  • Click on the "Careers" tab at the top of the page or the "Learn about Careers" tab on the left side
  • You can also find information about college programs, working conditions, earnings, and job profiles.
  • This database DOES NOT provide you with a citation! You must cite each article on your own using EASYBIB!


eBooks & Books:

eBooks (Gale Virtual Reference Library)

  • Enter username if asked: lenapehs1

  • Can search for various career information in all our eBooks from the Basic Search page

  • Can also look for information in individual eBooks such as: Career Information Center (found under +Education) and/or Careers & Occupations (found under +Social Sciences)

  • Use our catalog or ask Ms. Gaffney or Ms. Fauver for help finding books on your topic in the Media Center
  • We can also get you books from other libraries

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