Animal sounds

  • An onomatopoeia (also spelt onomatopœia) is a word that imitates or suggests the sound that it describes. Onomatopoeias include animal noises, such as "oink" or "meow" or "roar". Onomatopoeias are not the same in all languages, they usually present certain differences         (s
    ee an interesting table of animal sounds in English, clicking here).

  • These are the most frequently used animal onamatopoeias of English and their Spanish equivalents.



woof (dogs)

guau (perros)  

meow (cats)

miau (gatos)

oink (pigs)

oinc (cerdos)

moo (cows)

mu (vacas)

baa (sheep)

be (ovejas)

cock-a-doodle-doo (cocks)

kikirikí / quiquiriquí (gallos)

tweet-tweet (birds)

pío pío (pájaros)

  • To refer to the action of producing animal sounds all the languages have verbs, these are some of them in English and Spanish.

Bees buzz.

Las abejas zumban.

Birds chirp.

Los pájaros gorjean / pían.

Birds sing.

Los pájaros cantan.

Bulls bellow.

Los toros braman.

Cats mew.

Los gatos maúllan.

Cats purr.

Los gatos ronronean.

Cocks crow.

Los gallos cantan.

Cows moo.

Las vacas mugen.

Dogs bark.

Los perros ladran.

Dogs growl.

Los perros gruñen.

Dogs bark                  

Los perros ladran

Donkeys bray.

Los burros rebuznan.

Doves coo.

Las palomas arrullan.

Duck quack.

Los patos graznan.

Elephants trumpet.

Los elefantes barritan.

Flies buzz.

Las moscas zumban.

Frogs croak.

Las ranas croan.

Gulls squawk.

Las gaviotas graznan.

Hens cluck.

Las gallinas cloquean.

Horses neigh.

Los caballos relinchan.

Hyenas laugh.

Las hienas aúllan / ríen.

Lions roar.

Los leones rugen.

Mice squeak.

Los ratones chillan.

Owls hoot.

Las lechuzas ululan.

Pigs grunt.

Los cerdos gruñen.

Sheep bleat.

Las ovejas balan.