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Mastery Objective: As a result of our time together in the Media Center, you will be able to find and apply information from credible sources in order to gather research on a persuasive topic to write a formal research paper in proper MLA format.

DO NOW!!!!
Test your Knowledge - Plagiarism Tutorial
-Complete this tutorial from the University of Southern Mississippi
-Email your results to your school email ( and Ms. Fauver and Ms. Gaffney (,

Online Databases (all usernames/passwords are lenapehs1):
  • Select SIRS Knowledge Source
  • Click on LEADING ISSUES -- either Visual Browse, A-Z List, or Top 10
  • Examine the essential questions
  • Consider the various points of view
  • Read articles (viewpoints, journals, reference, periodicals)

  • View all topics and select topics that interest you
  • Look at the "point" and the "counterpoint" articles and select a side
  • Print out the "overview" article and either the point or counterpoint article
    • Click "print"
    • Select "MLA format" for citations
    • Print out the article
    • Copy the full MLA citation to a Works Cited page
  • Click on the other tabs for additional articles and information (magazines, newspapers, reference)
  • Keep track of all citations and all articles

  • Enter topic in search box
  • Access up-to-date information from news sources from around the world
  • Use subject terms in bar on left side of page to narrow your topic/results
  • Use our catalog or ask Ms. Gaffney or Ms. Fauver for help finding books on your topic in the Media Center
  • We can also get you books from other libraries
  • You can select and use a specific eBook from our collection
  • eBooks can be used like regular books (by using the" eTable of Contents" and/or the "eBook Index")
  • You can also search within a specific eBook by using the search box and checking off "within this publication"

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