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Free English Grammar Guide. English Grammar Rules. Learn English Grammar. Learn English grammar and be able to to perform an English  grammar check. Welcome to the Free English Grammar Guide. The Free English Grammar Guide will help you to learn English grammar, understand and apply English grammar rules, and accurately check the grammar of your writing.

At its core, the term grammar refers to either the inherent structure of words and sentences (morphology and syntax respectively) in a language; or to the study and description of this structure, published as grammar rules in books about the language. Other approaches include more topics under the term grammar: orthography (spelling, punctuation and capitalization), semantics (word meanings), phonetics and phonology (sounds) and pragmatics (language use in context). We unconsciously use grammar all the time when we use language for speaking, listening, reading and writing. If we want to improve our English language abilities, there is no escape from addressing grammar issues.

Grammar explains how the language should be structured, using various categories. Number refers to formation of singular and plural nouns and other parts of the sentence that have to agree with number (e.g. child Vs. children) whereas Gender, a category hardly existent in English, but alive in German, regards the differences between masculine ( der Löffel, spoon) feminine ( die Gabel, fork) or even neuter ( das Messer, knife) nouns and how these affect other words in a properly phrased sentence. Tense and aspect treat the formation of verbs, from the English I write - She writes; We write - We are writing distinctions, all the way to far more elaborate verb conjugation systems of other languages. A grammatical category or element never stands alone as it influences all other parts of the structural system of a language.

Grammar topics are usually sorted in books into word grammar and sentence grammar. Word grammar sections are further divided according to the different parts of speech - content words, containing verbs, nouns, adjective and adverbs; and structure words, containing determiners, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections. Sentence grammar relates to the construction of phrases, clauses and full sentences, all the way up to paragraphs and full texts.
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