CLILCOM  VLE  (virtual learning environment)
'Multi-media tool for developing teacher competence in CLIL produced through the European Union’s Leonardo da Vinci programme. CLILCOM asks the user to respond to a set of questions on teaching through a foreign language in relation to community, communication, culture, cognition. When completing the system it provides a CLILCOM eFolio certificate providing objective feedback on the user’s readiness to achieve successful CLIL. It is confidential to use, and can be handled at one time – or over weeks.'
Although aimed at secondary and vocational education teachers, it gives good overall view on CLIL teachers' competences.             See the User Guide as an attachment below.   CLILCOM Virtual Learning Environment Gateway (Free Registration)


'The Professional development area involves setting up a CLIL teacher training community to design, develop and test teacher development frameworks, CLIL benchmarking tools and to foster the co-operation between teacher education providers aiming at joint CLIL competence building programmes.'

Below you will find the “CLIL Competences Grid”, developed by CCN. It comprises three interconnecting areas: CLIL (general methodology issues), Linguistic and Methodology Competences. There are Language issues involved in the Methodology section and vice versa. You can go to the Language Competences page.

The CLIL Matrix

Awareness-raising and training tool for teachers who wish

·         to consider the skills and knowledge necessary for achieving quality CLIL

·         to examine the extent to which they are prepared for teaching through CLIL

User guidelines    

·         Core elements of CLIL: Content, Language, Integration and Learning.

·         Realised through a set of four parameters: Culture, Communication, Cognition and Community.

·         This results in a matrix array of 16 indicators which are the basis for ensuring quality CLIL.

How to work with the Matrix

Each indicator is shown as a coloured box. Clicking on the box leads to four navigation elements:

·         introduction to the quality indicator

·         an example of how the indicator is applied in the classroom

·         a set of questions so that they can position themselves with respect to CLIL expertise

·         extra information in a brief text which is accessed by passing the cursor over the respective box answered

Enter the Matrix

ALPME - Advanced Level Programme in Multilingual Education

An open curriculum proposal for CLIL teacher education programmes aimed at both content and language teachers, to be customized according to particular educational needs:

·         dynamic framework for CLIL teacher education developed from 1999 to 2003.

·         educational in practice-cases which develop didactic paths on issues raised by fundamental questions in CLIL.

·         a database containing specific definitions of the contents in the curriculum proposal.

NOTE: Many of the concepts are not developed, but the framework offers a comprehensive overview of the main elements in CLIL.

ECML - European Centre for Modern Languages

ECML programme 2008-2011 “Empowering Language Professionals”. 20 projects which aim to enhance teachers’ competences and enable them to have greater impact on their professional environment.

·         Evaluation

·         Continuity in language learning

·         Content and language education

·         Plurilingual education


Below you will find the Programme Brochure.

CoBaLTT  -  Content-Based Language Teaching with Technology

Professional development and online resources that help foreign language and immersion teachers create content-based lessons/units using technology to enhance students' language proficiency and content or cultural knowledge.

INSTRUCTIONAL MODULES:      Principles of Content-Based Instruction (CBI)      Curriculum Development for CBI   

                                               Learning Strategies for CBI                                  Assessment                Technology

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