ABOUT English Expressions

• Welcome to English Expressions, a journal where students in university-level Communicative English Skills courses can present their developing communication abilities to the world.

• The courses from which these articles were developed provide students with guided and supported opportunities to practice English communication skills as they develop and share ideas about topics of personal, national and global importance.

• Course projects have varying academic focus points and expectations, but in general are designed to give students an extended period of time to more thoroughly investigate and understand one specific topic, a feature not available in most other courses in their curriculum. The expectation is that such an opportunity can foster their ability to share newly developed knowledge to others—in written and oral English—with an enhanced degree of communicative competency, self-confidence and professionalism. Completed communication projects appear in this journal with student permission.

• Interested in seeing what students participating in collaborative communicative education opportunities can produce? Click on the Volume links on the left and see for yourself!

-Michael Cholewinski