The satanic units

Coursebooks are often criticized by ELT bores for being bland and safe. There is little mention of controversial themes, such as sex, religion or death. Homosexuality is invisible, although ELT itself is teeming with some of the biggest queens on the planet.

This could all change. I can now reveal that for years a reputable publishing firm has been keeping in its strongroom some disturbing manuscripts.

Years ago a well-known coursebook-writing couple became involved with a satanic cult. Under its influence, the duo wrote some units for their coursebook series, which they showed to their publisher. In horror he locked the manuscripts away and made the two swear never to mention them again.

Now, through a chain of events too improbable to describe here, the manuscripts have fallen into my hands. For months I have wrestled with the dilemma: to publish or to suppress. Finally, after sleepless nights and countless bottles of the cheapest beer, I have decided to make these units known to the public, solely in the interest of increasing traffic to my website.

Note: Because of the design limitations of Google Sites, I have included these pages as images. If you are visually impaired, I apologise. Frankly, you aren't missing much.