How to... series

The englishdroid “How to...” series is a great collection of straightforward, user-friendly, machine-washable teacher development books.

Edited by Jeremy Hamster, each title is written by a celebrated ELT bore and offers a range of practical teaching ideas within a clear, theoretical framework.

For years Martin Lemming has been walking into class without a clue about who or what he is going to teach. And, what is more, he has got away with it.

Now he shares his secrets with the rest of the profession.

Unfortunately not covered by the Celta, unjamming a photocopier is probably the most essential skill in the English language teacher’s repertoire.

In this comprehensive guide Emma Vole looks at all the possible causes of a jam and how to resolve them in a timely manner.

Developing a creepy manner, getting local policemen to drop unsubtle hints to the DOS... there are so many ways of getting out of teaching children.

Follow Kathryn Coypu’s advice and you will never be lumbered with a children’s class again!

The ability to produce vaguely plausible jargon-cluttered rubbish for hours at a stretch is a skill that takes years to master.

Whether it is the IAWAFL Conference or a school workshop, Stephen Gerbil’s tips will keep you going on and on.

It may look easy, but not every teacher can “frag” their DOS and get away with it.

From poisoning to garrotting via the crude but effective Molotov cocktail in the toilet, Denise Beaver reviews methods of doing what every teacher dreams of.

What they did not mention when you took the Celta course was that you were signing up for a working life of abject poverty, with no retirement pension at the end.

Still, it is too late to change now, so here are helpful hints from Clive Agouti on making soup from potato peelings, old newspapers, etc.

Image not available is the revolutionary new approach to teaching English that the ELT chatboards are buzzing about...

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