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Politically correct games

We all have our favourite classroom games. Unfortunately, some of these are ideologically rather suspect. As a service to teachers, englishdroid has devised more acceptable variants.

Probation Officer

At last, a non-sexist, non-punitive version of Hangman, for teachers opposed to the death penalty. Instead of a gallows, draw the probation officer behind her (or his) desk:


That old favourite Battleships is, of course, a game that glamorizes warfare. Lifeboats is a caring alternative. Instead of sinking enemy ships, students locate vessels in distress and rescue them.


A board game in which the object is to share the wealth equally among the players.

Noughts and Crescents

Otherwise known as Tic-Tac-Toe.

Mature and Single through Choice

This traditional card game (formerly known as Old Maid) is a favourite with children’s classes. In our version the person left with the Queen of Spades wins the game.

Humans and Ladders

The most deadly species on the planet is of course homo sapiens. For that reason, in this game players go up ladders and slide down humans. More specific variants are possible: eg Males and Ladders, Tories and Ladders, etc.