URL: Uniform Resource Locator



A = HyperText Transfer Protocol
B = Server Address
C = File Name
NOTE: Many file names end in html or htm, which is Hyper Text Markup Language

_A_ ____B______ _______C_ _____D____ ____E____

A = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
B = Server Address
C = If introduced by a tilde (~), it’s often a personal page or assigned to a single entity, e.g. department
D = Sub-directory E = File Name

_A_ __________B______________ ____________C_ ______D______

A = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
B = Server Address
C = Sub-directory
D = File Name Domain Names

A domain name is the server address, i.e., the computer on which the data resides, and can be grouped according to its ending. Sample endings:

.edu U.S. Educational Institutions
.com U.S. Commercial Businesses
.gov U.S. Government
.org Non-profit Organizations
.mil U.S. Military
.net Network or Internet Service Providers

For other countries, it’s usually a two digit code, e.g.

.br Brazil
.ca Canada
.ch Switzerland
.cn People’s Republic of China
.de Germany
.za South Africa