English 2050, Introduction to Critical Writing on Drama

A note about your textbook: The Broadview Anthology of Drama: Plays from the Western Theatre provides context, annotation, and a glossary of terms to accompany the plays they offer.  The plays are the drama or dramatic works; however, the theater/theatre is where the plays are performed and, in some senses, a different discipline that carries its own vocabulary and context.  This is another area of research to consider. 

To prepare to write a paper, whether from the perspective of English or Theater Arts, you need to consider the following process:

Another concept to consider is how you approach library research.
  • Content:  from broad to narrow; from outside to in
  • Libraries:  from narrow to broad, from inside to out

Principle of searching
  • gather the information you need/want
  • keep away the information or "noise" you don't want

Assignment calculator:  http://library.csueastbay.edu/calc/freecalc/index.php
Owl at Purdue:  http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/

Key areas of the library home page for this class
  • Library catalog is a database of materials available through the University Libraries - books, media, some journal titles - that you can access on campus or home.
    • if you can't find what you need there, you can broaden out,
      • first to LINK+
      • second to WorldCat
  • Databases A-Z lists our subscription databases that you can access from campus or home. From home, you will need to "authenticate," that is, enter your net ID and password.  Key databases for this class:
    • MLA International Bibliography
    • Academic Search Premier
    • if you decide to go in a "Theater" direction, we have the Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance, but MLA-IB is still your best option
  • Citing Your Sources - gives you places to go to learn about citation (you can also view the tutorials on the left navigation bar)
  • Ask Us, where you can get help--telephone, email, 24/7 chat
Other considerations
  • tutorials:  click the left navigation bar to access tutorials on research questions, annotations and abstracts, citation, etc.  If you need anything else, contact me.

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