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Playing for Pizza


John Grisham


John Grisham has written eighteen novels, one of them, Bleachers, is a favorite with the eleventh graders. Bleachers is a book about former high school football players who return to their hometown when they hear that their coach is dying. The guys sit in the bleachers and relive their high school memories. If you liked Bleachers; if you like football; if you like Italy, you might like John Grisham’s newest novel, Playing for Pizza.


Playing for Pizza is about a third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Somehow, he got in the AFC Championship game and did such a terrible job that he was cut by the Browns and shunned by every other professional football team – well almost every team. The Panthers of Parma, Italy, want him. They believe a previous NFL player will help their team.


How will this quarterback survive in the land of romance, fine wines, opera, and football americano? Read Playing for Pizza to find out.