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English Bred Fancy Goldfish

    English Bred Fancy Goldfish (EBFG) is a fish breeding business based in East Anglia dedicated to the art of fancy goldfish breeding. Situated in Gorleston near Great Yarmouth Norfolk English Bred Fancy Goldfish is a family run business specialising in many varieties of coldwater fish & is aimed at trade, wholesalers, general public, fancy goldfish enthusiasts & aquatic hobbyist's in order to provide you with the opportunity to buy fancy goldfish on-line or by appointment in the UK. We offer many different types of fancy goldfish from Bristol Shubunkins, Calico Veiltails, Metallic Veiltails & Orandas to name just a few.

    All the fish bred by English Bred Fancy Goldfish are of the very highest standard in regards to health & quality & as the name suggests all fish available are bred in England & NOT imported from abroad. Ordering from EBFG reduces the carbon footprint of each fish meaning that they are eco-friendly whilst also being good for the economy by keeping any money made in the UK.

    English Bred Fancy Goldfish will be resuming business in April. For any further information please go to the contact page on this website.

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